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Two-stage Quick Release for Data Centres

Redefined, intelligent fire protection

Fire protection solutions at maximum security levels: the two-stage fire prevention concept meets the demands of data centre operators. It protects at all times and does not require de-energising to prevent backfiring. WAGNER offers intelligent fire prevention for data centres featuring fire detection at the earliest possible stage, any configurable extinguishing hold time of the extinguishing agent concentration, regular facility integrity checks and optional nitrogen gas extinguishing cylinder refilling on site.

Previous fire protection solutions at the data centre

Fire fighting in data centres is usually based on conventional gas extinguishing methods. Extinguishing gases can fight fires in data centres featuring server cabinets and other hardware as well as the high electricity density without causing additional damage. In contrast, these facilities are unsuitable for extinguishing fires with a sprinkler system.

The extinguishing gas stored in cylinder banks is accurately geared towards each protected area. In most cases an extra 40% of demand is stored in addition to the gas made available in cylinder banks for the extinguishing process to be able to maintain a concentration suitable for extinguishing even if there are leaks in the facility. As per VdS specifications this extinguishing concentration must be maintained for 10 minutes.

Re-ignition may occur if the systems are not de-energised once oxygen levels return to normal atmospheric conditions after the extinguishing process and extinguishing hold time. However, there is often a lack of adequate numbers of spare cylinders to extinguish any potential re-ignitions. It is no longer possible to once again lower oxygen levels by activating the gas extinguishing system.

The solution – a strong connection of traditional gas extinguishing technology and oxygen reduction

Air sampling smoke detectors guarantee you remain one step ahead thanks to fire detection at the earliest possible stage. Consequently, suitable counteractive measures can be directly introduced.

However, should a fire still develop, the oxygen level in the protected area will be lowered using a FirExting® gas extinguishing system. With an oxygen content of 17.0 vol. % fire behaviour significantly drops compared with the atmospheric standard of 20.9 vol. %. As a rule, fires do not spread further – in an ideal case the fire is extinguished.

The nitrogen generator in an OxyReduct® system locally generates nitrogen from the ambient air to maintain the lowered oxygen level. Staff can access the facility at 17.0 vol. % O2 without reservations in an effort to localise the reason for the fire and eliminate it.

In the event that TITANUS® identifies a spreading fire despite the low oxygen levels, pressurised cylinders are used to additionally lower the level to significantly below the ignition threshold of dominant materials. This protective atmosphere can also be maintained for as long as needed using the nitrogen generator.

Upon the 1st fire alarm: initial quick release using N2 cylinders, e.g. to 17.0 vol.% O2
Upon the 2nd fire alarm: second quick release using N2 cylinders, e.g. to 13.8 vol.% O2
Maintain levels after each reduction using OxyReduct®

Benefits of effective fire protection solutions

The intelligent combination of several systems on the basis of the future-oriented, two-stage fire prevention system offers many benefits compared with conventional fire prevention system in data centres.

  • No notable energy consumption in normal operation (stand-by)
  • Energy efficiency with a high degree of safety for the IT sector – even with free cooling
  • Up to 40% fewer gas extinguishing cylinders in spare battery
  • No spare cylinders required
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Maintains the oxygen concentration in the event of alarms
  • De-energising not necessary
  • Facility integrity and overall system regularly checked
  • Highly effective fire suppression at all times
  • Protection levels not interrupted as a result of empty cylinders

On-site refills

The refilling system N2Fill is an optional supplement for the two-stage concept, but also available as an individual system for nitrogen extinguishing systems. The system uses the OxyReduct® generator to generate the nitrogen at maximum purity levels from the local ambient air.

The benefits of refilling is that there is no need for logistics expenses. It will no longer be necessary to replace batteries, often featuring several hundred cylinders, transport them to the refilling plant and subsequently reinstall them. It is also possible to refill the system regardless of its accessibility situation, local special characteristics, weather conditions and public holidays.