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Combined early fire detection and suppression right at the source of the fire

Risk minimisation and active protection

WAGNER’s TITANUS RACK·SENS® early fire detection system has extraordinarily sensitive air sampling smoke detectors (formerly known as aspirating smoke detection systems) that respond with up to 2,000 times more sensitivity than conventional fire protection. The system’s 482.6-mm (19”) modular design makes it an ideal, space-saving solution for monitoring control cabinets, where it can detect fires exactly where they are at the highest risk of occurring. Proven TITANUS® technology ensures that users can initiate counteractive measures in a timely fashion. Such measures include not only preventing the fire from spreading, but also backing up data and powering down some or all of the systems. One TITANUS®RACK·SENS system can be used to monitor up to five control cabinets.

If desired, Wagner also offers an 88.9-mm-tall model with integrated extinguishing—either built directly into the cabinet or in the form of a connection to external extinguishing-gas cylinders. Both types of extinguishing systems use inert gases as well as chemical extinguishing gases. These gases are specifically approved for use in IT applications, because they suffocate fires effectively and make it unnecessary to cut power. Novec 1230™ is a highly efficient yet gentle extinguishing agent that is particularly suitable for use in network cabinets.

This extinguishing technology is specifically adapted to control cabinets, acts directly at the source of the fire and extinguishes with no residues, making it a perfect supplement to localised on-rack fire detection solutions. Nitrogen-based extinguishing systems are a proven solution for outside the cabinets; unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen is naturally non-toxic.


The fire prevention experts’ product portfolio contains both individual system solutions and professional, comprehensive protection including maintenance and 24-hour service.

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Legal requirements regarding hardware and software protection

Among other things, the Law on Control and Transparency in the Corporate Sector (1998 - abbreviated as KonTraG) requires companies to establish and operate an early detection system for risks within the company. According to Section 91, Para. 2, The Board “must take suitable measures to establish a surveillance system so that developments endangering the survival of the company are recognised early”. As such, in order to identify livelihood-endangering risks (like fires) early, companies need adequate, risk-appropriate protection for their hardware and software, some of which may be contained within wall housings. After all, company IT departments / data centre operators want to be sure that their server cabinets are fully protected at all times. This is why it is so important to supplement structural fire protection with fire-prevention measures and/or server-room extinguishing systems.

Combining systems

VisuLAN® risk management makes it possible to monitor and manage a variety of building technology, communications, and security systems centrally. This minimises security risks and operating errors, and makes it possible to take appropriate emergency response action quickly, in order to prevent more serious damage.

The OxyReduct® oxygen-reduction system can reduce fire risk actively from the outset, thereby preventing fire and consequential damage, and keeping operating processes going.