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More safety thanks to tailor-made fire protection

Fire prevention in SLC warehouses

WAGNER’s OxyReduct® fire prevention system is an innovative fire protection solution that continually reduces oxygen levels in the room to create a protective atmosphere. Using nitrogen to reduce oxygen concentration levels has significant benefits: nitrogen is not toxic, and at 78.09 vol.-%, it is the primary component of normal air. As such, oxygen reduction systems using nitrogen can achieve maximum and/or total fire protection while ensuring that it is still safe for people to enter the protected areas. Nitrogen’s natural properties ensure that it will distribute homogeneously with either constant or varying oxygen concentration levels, so that these levels will remain uniform throughout the entire protected area.

Fire protection solution for vertical storage and shuttle systems

The trend towards more automation and automated processes in warehouses and distribution centres gives rise to a need for new forms of warehouse technology and flexible picking equipment. This is why more and more automated high-bay warehouses, especially automated small parts storage facilities, are utilising vertical storage and shuttle systems. A trend survey conducted among logistics providers in Germany by the logistics magazine FM confirmed that shuttle systems are increasingly popular as warehouse technology, and are especially suitable for warehouses with high throughput rates. This is because these automatic warehouse lifts help make optimise room capacity usage and the flow of goods. Full automation also means dynamic storage systems that improves businesses’ economic efficiency.

Storage and retrieval systems need appropriate fire protection measures to ensure warehouse cost-effectiveness. Warehouses using shuttle systems pack materials particularly densely within very tight spaces, which often creates difficulties for conventional fire protection and extinguishing systems. In such facilities, standard extinguishing nozzle configurations cannot provide fire suppression meeting VdS guidelines. This is why WAGNER has developed a special solution for vertical shuttle and paternoster systems. Kardex Remstar, the world’s leading manufacturer of automated storage and retrieval systems, protects its warehouse lifts using a WAGNER FirExting® nitrogen gas extinguishing system. When fires occur, diffuser tubes with numerous small openings gently direct extinguishing nitrogen into the area, ensuring homogeneous distribution of the extinguishing gas within the warehouse lift. These openings are adapted to the structural circumstances of the individual racking system, ensuring that the nitrogen can flow freely into the area. After the first round of extinguishing takes place, additional cylinders of extinguishing agent are triggered at intervals of several minutes. This follow-up flooding ensures compliance with the ten-minute extinguishing hold time required by the competent testing institutes (VdS, FM Global) for reliable fire protection. WAGNER’s effective method of fire suppression in shuttle systems is currently the only fire protection concept capable of maintaining the extinguishing hold time specified in VdS Guideline 2380 (Planning and Installation of Fire Extinguishing Systems Using Non-Liquefied Inert Gases) in vertical storage systems. Gradual flooding at just 2 bar pressure ensures that even delicate products remain undamaged.

The system is supplemented with a TITANUS® air sampling smoke detector to detect any potential smouldering fires early and reliably.


WAGNER offers operators a fire protection solution that is not only individually tailored to their specific warehouse, but also provides sustainable protection of company goods and investments, thereb y securing their delivery capabilities.

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Combining systems

TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors are used in combination with OxyReduct® active fire prevention to help detect smouldering fires early on. TITANUS® early fire detection systems can detect even the smallest pyrolysis particles in the air reliably.

VisuLAN® risk management makes it possible to monitor and manage a variety of building technology, communications, and security systems centrally. This minimises security risks and operating errors, and makes it possible to take appropriate emergency response action quickly, in order to prevent more serious damage.