OxyReduct® stole the show from US celeb Eva Longoria


How do the movie actress Eva Longoria, and the fire prevention demonstration cabin OxyReduct® fit together? Not at all, but: At the Spanish pay-TV channel Antena 3, the daily science show El Hormiguero invited both on the 4th of April 2017. First off, even though Eva Longoria looked Hollywood-like gorgeous she was not the star of the show!
In about four minutes the show master Pablo Motos demonstrated the function of the active fire prevention OxyReduct® to the TV audience and to his famous guest. Therefore, he used the well-known lighter test from its inventor WAGNER and additionally matches. Firstly, he ignited the lighter and the matches outside the cabin successfully. Then he entered the cabin and tried to repeat the test again: But he was not able to ignite neither lighter nor matches due to the oxygen reduced atmosphere. Not only his guest and colleagues were impressed: Pablo Motos seemed to be overwhelmed with emotions when explaining the system of the active fire prevention.
Grupo Aguilera, WAGNER`s local partner, has established the contact to the TV channel. Grupo Aguilera distributes air sampling smoke detectors of WAGNER and its innovative low oxygen system. The first impression which was given by the WAGNER system was extremely positive: Host, public and Hollywood`s celebrity seemed to be deeply impressed.