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Case Study: Greggs

Fire Protection from WAGNER Protects Automated Deep-Freeze High-Bay Warehouse

WAGNER effectively protects the automated frozen high-bay warehouse of British bakery chain Greggs from fires and consequential damage by means of active fire prevention in combination with early fire detection. The warehouse near Newcastle Upon Tyne (Great Britain) was commissioned in 2021 with the fire protection solution from plant manufacturer WAGNER.

The automated high-bay warehouse is 23 meters high. Its storage capacity is 90,530 cubic meters with over 14,000 pallet spaces. The warehouse is operated at -20° Celsius. The bakery products are stored frozen, packed in plastic trays or cardboard boxes on pallets. The warehouse is directly connected to the production facility. Should a fire occur, it must not spread to the production facility.

To find a technical solution perfectly adapted to the environmental conditions of the high-bay warehouse at Greggs, the fire risks had to be determined due to the high degree of automation and the numerous electrical devices in the warehouse.

The British bakery chain Greggs was founded around 70 years ago with a small bakery store in Gosforth High Street in Newcastle upon Tyne. Today it is a listed company with 2,050 Greggs' stores and around 20,000 employees in the UK.

No Interruption in the Supply Chain

Risk Analysis

  • Electrical
    Electrical faults and resulting short circuits on live cables or overheated components can lead to fires.
  • Dryness
    An extremely dry atmosphere caused by low temperatures is conducive to the spread of fire.
  • Bearing height
    The height of the bearing favors the stack effect and accelerates the spread of fire in the event of a fire.
Herstellung bei Greggs
Außenansicht des Greggs Lager

Protection Goals

  • Goods
    Odor-sensitive baked goods must be protected as best as possible from damage by fire or contamination by smoke and soot.
  • Operating sequence
    The functionality of the automatic warehouse must be maintained under all circumstances.
  • Supply chain
    The supply chain must not be interrupted.
  • Economic efficiency
    Fire-related consequential damage (loss of customer loyalty, damage to image, etc.) must be kept as low as possible.

Fire Protection Ensures Trouble-Free Operations

Taking into account all fire risks and protection objectives, Greggs opted for a solution based on active fire prevention. An early fire detection system is used in combination with the OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system. The necessary fire tests, to determine the specific ignition threshold of Greggs' packaged frozen products, were carried out by WAGNER under the supervision of VdS. WAGNER's test facility at its headquarters in Langenhagen, Germany, was used for this purpose. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, the fire tests were streamed online to the customer for the first time.

Since there is still a residual risk of a smouldering fire occurring despite oxygen reduction, the holistic fire protection solution also includes a fire detection system with TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors. This reduces the risk of a fire in the bakery chain's deep-freeze warehouse and prevents the supply chain from being interrupted.

Customer Benefits

  • Availability
    Ensuring 24/7 availability of goods for Greggs stores across the UK.
  • Safe
    No fire-related damage to warehouse and plant operations.
  • Reliable
    Reliable protection of investments, goods and processes, even at temperatures below -20 °C.

Bäckereiprodukt von Greggs

Customer Testimonial

Peter Boughton, Group Production Project Manager at Greggs PLC

The new Triton national distribution facility in Newcastle Upon Tyne supplies Greggs’ stores throughout the UK with its trademark food to go. From the outset of project Triton, it was essential for Greggs to implement a fire protection concept that ensures fire can never interrupt the supply chain. A solution that fits our needs was found at WAGNER.


Your fire protection is our mission. As a provider of fire protection solutions, our goal is to make our customers feel safe at all times. Therefore, we plan together with you the better solution in fire protection. We look forward to hearing from you.

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