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Case study: NewCold (Burley)

Active Fire Prevention Protects Fries in a Superlative Frozen High-Bay Warehouse

In 2019, WAGNER equipped NewCold's automated frozen high-bay warehouse in Burley (Idaho, USA) with an oxygen reduction system for active fire prevention.

2019, frozen food logistics giant NewCold opened a new superlative deep-freeze high-bay warehouse in Burley, Idaho/USA. Coming in at 90 million US dollars, the fully-automated warehouse stores up to 90,000 pallets of frozen food, including McCain potato products. To reliably protect stored goods and logistics processes from the consequences of a fire, active fire prevention by means of oxygen reduction is used.

NewCold’s deep-freeze high-bay warehouse has an area of 14,400 square meters and is almost 42 meters high. In the fully automated warehouse, seven storage and retrieval systems are capable of handling up to 180 pallets an hour. Each day, 3,500 pallets can be moved at peak times thanks to twelve loading docks, and another two directly connected to the rail network.

Eight locations on three continents, 730,000 pallet spaces: The Dutch company NewCold is one of the fastest growing advanced automated warehouse and cold chain logistics companies in the world. In addition to the Burley warehouse, WAGNER protects NewCold's deep-freeze high-bay warehouses in Melbourne (Australia), Kutno (Poland), Tacoma (USA), Corby (UK), Rennes (France), Piacenza (Italy), Everswinkel (Germany), Indianapolis (USA), Darien (USA) and Rheine (Germany).

The Logistics Chain Must Not Be Interrupted

Risk analysis

  • Construction type
    Use of combustible building and insulation materials.
  • Technics
    Refrigerators, defroster and heating equipment, heat exchangers, packaging plants, automated storage and retrieval machines, etc.
  • Climate
    Extremly dry atmosphere caused by low temperatures.
  • Chimney effect
    Warehouse height of 42 meters and a narrow rack structure design

Protection goals

Tailored, Ultra Energy-Efficient Fire Prevention

OxyReduct V-Line® oxygen reduction systems are used at NewCold in Burley. They are located just a few meters away from the protected area in a separate technical room on an intermediate level of the warehouse. Equipped with their own ompressors, the oxygen reduction systems generate nitrogen using the ambient air, introducing it into the warehouse. The controlled nitrogen supply lowers the oxygen content in the protected area, thus creating a fire-retardant atmosphere. OXY·SENS® sensors continuously measure the oxygen concentration in the protected area, working with the OxyControl system to maintain a constant oxygen operation concentration. This was calculated as part of fire tests performed during the deep-freeze warehouse design phase, taking the individual ignition thresholds of the materials found in the warehouse into consideration. As a result, NewCold prevents fires in its deep-freeze warehouse while ensuring the usual deliveries to its customers 24/7. Products are stored and retrieved through five airlocks in the automated high-bay warehouse, minimizing the outflow losses of the oxygen-reduced atmosphere and the cold air from the storage area.

Customer benefits

Kundennutzen des Referenzkunden NewCold Burley

Jonas Swarttouw, VP Customer & Business Development U.S. at NewCold

The cold warehouse helps support the production and supply chain activities of leading food processors in the region, including McCain Foods. It is our responsibility to ensure availability, even in the event of a fire.

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