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The air sampling smoke detector that shows you where the fire is

WAGNER’s smallest air sampling smoke detector, the TITANUS MICRO·SENS® , is designed for small to medium-sized areas up to 400 m² in size. This economical air sampling smoke detector is ideal for use in hotel rooms, offices, and prison cells. The optional ROOM·IDENT feature can localise fires within up to five rooms.

The pint-sized TITANUS MICRO·SENS® provides a wealth of options. It can be configured to use a single primary alarm or a two-stage system (pre-alarm and main alarm). Options include a bar graph displaying smoke density levels and a parallel display connection. Thanks to PIPE.GUARD, HPLS light technology and LOGIC·SENS, this air sampling smoke detection system is both highly sensitive and secure against false alarms.

Performance characteristics & advantages

  • Sensitivity from 0.1% obs/m in main alarm
  • False alarm suppression LOGIC·SENS®
  • PIPE·GUARD for detecting breakage or clogging of the connected pipe system
  • Fast commissioning thanks to automatic initialization
  • Dry alarm and fault contacts for connection to any kind of fire alarm control panel
  • Optionally available with redundancy fan as an additional safety function in case of fan failure
  • Prepared for connection of an Ethernet network module in the accessory housing for integration into hazard management systems
  • Connection option for remote display
  • Diagnostic tool for extensive service information and hints for troubleshooting

  • The primary alarm can be set to sensitivity levels as high as 0.1 % obs./m.
  • This aspirating smoke detector’s 40 to 50m-long pipe system can have up to eight aspirating points (5 with ROOM·IDENT).
  • The TITANUS MICRO·SENS® has a wide range of options, so it can be customised to any number of situations.
  • A second detector module can be incorporated to create a dual detector dependency configuration.
  • Special versions are available for deep-freeze facilities (temperatures as low as -40 °C) and noise-critical areas (to 23 dB (A)).
  • The plug-and-play system makes the aspirating smoke detector quick and easy to install.
  • Maintenance work can be performed without entering the protected area.

Equipment and usage features