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The universal aspirating smoke detector

The universal TITANUS PRO∙SENS® is WAGNER’s best-selling aspirating smoke detector. Depending on the situation, the one or two detector modules (each with a one-stage alarm) can be set to sensitivity levels as high as 0.015 % obs./m on their primary alarms. The highly modular aspirating smoke detection system offers solutions for both simple and highly specialised areas of application.

WAGNER’s TITANUS PRO∙SENS® aspirating smoke detector is designed to monitor large areas of up to 5,760 m². Thanks to a combination of innovative High Power Light Source (HPLS) technology and patented LOGIC∙SENS fire pattern recognition, the TITANUS PRO∙SENS® provides maximum sensitivity and security against false alarms even in difficult environmental conditions.


  • The TITANUS PRO·SENS® monitors rooms and equipment using two detector modules in a dual-detector dependency configuration.
  • Additional alarm indicators can be connected as desired.
  • The number of aspirating points can be freely adapted to individual circumstances (up to 1 x 100 or 2 x 72 points).
  • A range of DIN EN 54-20 certified accessories provides even greater modularity, thus making the TITANUS PRO·SENS® aspirating smoke detector an even more cost-effective option.
  • It is available in Standard, SILENT (23 dB (A) and up, for noise-critical areas) and Cold Storage (for temperatures as low as -40 °C) versions—a specific fire protection solution for any area of application.
  • TITANUS®PipeXpress Project planning and configuration is fast and secure.
  • The plug-and-play system makes commissioning quick and easy.

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