WAGNER Fire Safety Pty Ltd is the newly founded company in the WAGNER Group GmbH. The German engineering company group provides customer-specific fire protection solutions in the sectors IT/data centres, storage and logistics facilities as well as archives, museums, production facilities, railway rolling stock & infrastructure including many other specialised applications such as industrial, commercial through to defence.

The company’s research and development department has applied more than 700 patents since 1976. The high quality standards of our product and engineering underpin the pursuit of “better solutions in fire protection”. WAGNER solutions are now being embraced in Australia and New Zealand, this success has lead Managing Directors Michael Hart and Dirk-Olaf Petersen to found WAGNER Fire Safety Pty Ltd. Australia on 1st April 2018 as an 100 % subsidiary.

With more than 540 employees and a sales revenue of about €85 million in the 2016/2017 financial year, the company is continuing its expansive development with the Australian office. WAGNER Group consists of branch offices in Germany as well as locations in Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway and the USA.

Innovative and VdS-approved fire protection solutions from WAGNER

OxyReduct® for active fire prevention

Fires can cause serious damage. Often, the maintenance of business processes is very important and has to be protected very well. Whether warehouses, data centres or archives, every business needs absolutely reliable fire protection.
WAGNER’s product portfolio includes a fire protection solution to address this challenge: The VdS-approved OxyReduct® fire prevention system.

Reference projects

NewCold, Melbourne: WAGNER protects two cold storage warehouses with a fire protection solution that is new to the Australian market

The warehouses of NewCold provide space for more than 200,000 Australian standard size pallets. Melbourne 1 is a fully-automated, 34m high frozen goods warehouse (-23 °C) whereas Melbourne 2 consists of four different cooling zones (+2°C, +8°C, +11°C and +18°C). Together eight OxyReduct® VPSA plants (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) were installed.

Australia & New Zealand

Contact based in Melbourne Victoria
PO Box 138
Chadstone, Victoria 3148
Tel. +61 400 566 069

WAGNER Fire Safety Pty Ltd.
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Managing Director WAGNER Fire Safety Pty Ltd.
Michael Hart (Managing Director)