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Case Study: Aqipa

Fire protection from WAGNER for "Gear Guru" warehouse

In 2019, the self-proclaimed "Gear Guru" company Aqipa GmbH decided to use a solution for active fire prevention from WAGNER to protect its premium products at the Kundl (Austria) site, which are stored in its automated compact storage system. The fire protection system was designed according to guideline TRVB 155.

From the beginning, it was clear that a conventional sprinkler solution would not be sufficient for the automated compact storage system. Due to its highly dense storage, the "Gear Guru" warehouse with goods for the consumer electronics sector is too compact to ensure that the extinguishing water even reaches the source of the fire. Not to mention the negative effects of a fire on the goods due to high temperatures, smoke and extinguishing water. In this case, our system for active fire prevention offered an adequate alternative.

In recent years, the company has grown - as have the demands on its own logistics. In order to meet the challenges, Aqipa decided to enlarge the warehouse at the company headquarters in Kundl (Austria). In addition, several warehouses that were previously located abroad were to be centralized here.

The second and third floors of the new four-story warehouse building (7,500 m³ and 8.5 m high) house the robot-assisted compact storage system with approx.1.150 m³. It contains 22,000 totes, which are brought to the five workstations by 32 robots with the requested goods. The first floor houses the goods replenishment, returns and shipping departments, while the second floor houses the packaging systems for the picked packages. This automated warehousing system allows the "Gear Guru" to handle its approximately 4.3 million products annually quickly and efficiently.

Aqipa GmbH is a family-run consumer electronics supplier. Premium products such as headphones, speakers and home theater systems of brands like GoPro, JBL, Braun Audio, Marshall or TEAC are part of the product range.

Reliable availability is Prio No. 1

Risk analysis

  • Density
    Compact storage allows fires to spread quickly and unhindered.
  • Robots and technology
    The high proportion of electronic components poses the risk of short circuits and overheating.
  • Storage height
    The height of the warehouse favors the spread of fire in case of fire.
  • Container
    The containers in the automated block storage system are made of plastic (polypropylene), which in case of fire drip down burning.

Protection goals

  • Operational readiness
    The availability of the automated warehouse must be maintained under all circumstances to meet customer demands.
  • Supply chain
    The supply chain must not be interrupted and must continuously ensure high delivery accuracy.
  • Stored goods
    The premium high-tech products in the warehouse are very sensitive to smoke and fire and must be protected.

Customer testimonial

Martin Moser, Head of Logistics, Aqipa GmbH

The fire protection solution from WAGNER convinced us and helps us to guarantee the availability of our premium products to our customers. 


If you have any further questions about fire protection in automated compact container storage or would like advice on fire protection for your warehouse, contact us.

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