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Case Study: Castle Theatre Celle

Fire Protection from WAGNER Protects Historical Castle Theatre

Safely protecting visitors and staff, historic architecture, valuable sets and musical instruments from fire: TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors have been doing exactly that for over seven years as part of an effective and subtle way at Castle Theatre in Celle, a town in Germany’s Lower Saxony region. The horseshoe-shaped auditorium was modelled on Italian 17th century stages while fire engineering behind the scenes meets contemporary standards.

Earliest Smoke Detection Behind the Scenes

About the Project

As part of the two-year restoration phase between 2010 and 2012 the TITANUS PRO·SENS® air sampling smoke detector system was installed at the Castle Theatre. The core aspect of the project was to line up the challenging architecture with effective fire protection without influencing the listed building.

About the Customer

The Celle Castle Theatre is located in the state apartments of the baroque Celle Castle. Founded in 1674, today it is one of the oldest regularly performed theatres in Europe with a permanent ensemble.

Risk Analysis

  • False alarms
    Props are used on the stage of the theatre that could trigger a false alarm if detected as a disturbance.
  • Electrical components
    Defective electrical systems, equipment and props, such as lighting equipment, etc., can be possible sources of ignition.
  • Decorative construction
    The interior of the theatre consists mainly of wooden materials and textiles that are easily inflammable.
Risikoanalyse beim Referenzkunden Schlosstheater Celle

Protection Goals

  • Personnel protection
    Employees and visitors who are not familiar with the location must be protected from fire at all times.
  • Architecture protection
    The baroque architecture must be protected against fire and damage caused by fire.
  • Property protection
    Valuable stage sets and musical instruments must be safely protected against fire and consequential damage caused by fire.

Aesthetic Appeal Unaffected

One significant advantage of TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors compared with conventional smoke detectors is that they can be aesthetically integrated into the architecture without onlookers noticing they are even there. Consequently, low-noise air sampling smoke detectors influence neither the visual nor acoustic properties of this glamorous baroque theatre.

Highly sensitive air sampling smoke detectors continuously take air samples from the ambient air which are then supplied to a sensitive detector module within the air sampling smoke detector. Optical scattered light smoke detectors then analyse the air samples for tiny smoke particles. This enables the earliest possible fire detection and safeguards action can be taken to combat the fire in due time. The system simultaneously provides reliable, very high levels of immunity against false alarms. Thanks to the use of TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors we can protect irreplaceable historic and cultural assets as well as human life.

The highly reliable and false-alarm-proof TITANUS PRO·SENS® air sampling smoke detectors not only protect the 300-seat auditorium at the Castle Theatre Celle, as well as the stage including the drawing loft, but also the roof structure above the auditorium. These systems have also been installed in the theatre’s foyer and the lounge featuring the fireplace at the adjacent “Schlosskönig” [king of the castle] café, providing the audience with refreshments during the interval.

Customer Benefits

  • Aesthetic & discreet
    The ceiling ducts and air sampling openings are almost invisible. Subtile integration into architecture – does not influence the asthetic.
  • Time saving
    Gain valuable time thanks to the earliest possible fire detection.
  • False alarm proof
    Very high levels of immunity from false alarms thanks to smoke development pattern detection.
  • Simple maintenance
    Simple maintenance thanks to easily accessible detectors.
  • Very silent
    Very silent – particularly suitable for areas sensitive to noise, such as theatres.
  • Reliable
    Long service life – perfect operation for the over seven years.

Kundennutzen beim Referenzkunden Schlosstheater Celle

More Impressions of the Castle Theatre Celle

Customer Testimonial

Roberto Langenhan, Technical Director, Castle Theatre Celle

Apart from protecting the architecture, the safety of our staff and the audience (who may be unfamiliar with the facility) are paramountop.

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