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Case Study: CNL / cosnova Beauty

WAGNER Fire Prevention Protects Cosnova Beauty’s Automated High Rack Storage Facility

In order to comprehensively protect cosnova Beauty's high-quality cosmetic products in the fully automated high-bay warehouse in Butzbach (Germany) from fire and its possible consequential damage, CNL opted for a system for active fire prevention from WAGNER in 2011. The holistic fire protection solution is completed by the earliest possible fire detection.

In CNL's fully automated high-bay warehouse with a volume of 7,200 cubic meters, the racks with a total height of 40 meters extend to just below the hall ceiling. The stored goods include highly flammable items such as nail polish remover as well as easily combustible cardboard boxes. The requirement for the fire protection expert was quickly clear: the development or spread of fire in the new warehouse building must be prevented from the outset. A solution based on sprinkler technology was out of the question for CNL.

The large logistics building of CNL GmbH covers 29,900 square meters. It was built in a construction period of only twelve months. For the storage, picking and distribution of three cosmetics brands, the building comprises two hall areas. In addition, there is a two-story administration area.

CNL GmbH was founded in 2011 as cosnova Beauty's logistics company to solve the cosmetics manufacturer's logistical challenges.

Fire Protection Secures Worldwide Distribution of Cosmetic Products

Risk Analysis

  • Product density
    Goods are stored up to 40 metres in height in a very confined space. A fire could spread unhindered.
  • Warehouse construction
    A small fire can quickly spread to a full fire due to the air that is drawn in and the high heat that is generated in the warehouse.
  • Automation
    Electrical defects such as overheating, short circuits or overloaded, faulty electrical components can cause fires.
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Protection Goals

Fire Protection Ensures That Business Can Continue Uninterrupted

A powerful OxyReduct® oxygen-reduction system with VPSA technology introduces nitrogen into the atmosphere in a controlled manner, thereby reducing oxygen concentrations within the protected area to a level just below the specific ignition threshold of the materials in the area. To provide early smoke detection, TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors were installed in the high rack warehouse as well as in the order picking and loading areas.

Customer Benefits

  • Safe
    Active fire prevention system offers reliable protection 24/7.
  • Simple
    Nitrogen is extracted directly from the air in the room.
  • Flexible
    OxyReduct® saves space and can be adapted to future renovations, expansions, or modifications of use.

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Customer Testimonial

Andreas Erbe, former Managing Director of CNL GmbH

An attractive investment, transparent operating costs, and maximum safety for our products. OxyReduct® is a way for us to safeguard our existence.

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