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Case Study: ColocationIX

Active Fire Prevention in the High Security Data Center – Fort Knox for Highly Sensitive Data

The ColocationIX data center in Bremen is protected against fire and fire hazards by fire protection provider WAGNER in accordance with DIN EN 50600. In 2019, WAGNER equipped the data center in a former bunker with a holistic fire prevention solution.

Active fire prevention OxyReduct® in combination with TITANUS® early fire detection provides the decisive time advantage for early intervention, so that an abrupt energy shutdown with corresponding data loss can be dispensed with. Despite oxygen reduction, all areas remain accessible to authorized personnel.

The ColocationIX data centre covers an area of more than 2,500 m² on five floors. More than 500 racks provide space for a total of around 60,000 servers from customers of sectors like logistics and e-commerce to banks and insurance companies, mechanical engineering firms and IT service providers. ColocationIX serves these companies, for example, as a backup data centre or for the highly secure operation of their (private) cloud services. The massive walls of the bunker effectively protect the critical infrastructures and digital assets inside against external influences.

Currently, not all five floors of the high bunker house servers of ColocationIX customers. The remaining floors will follow in further expansion stages. Most recently, another floor was opened up in 2022 and equipped with fire protection from WAGNER. The fire protection system was planned on a modular basis from the outset, with all the necessary pipe systems for fire detection and oxygen reduction installed in the relevant areas. As soon as additional floors go into operation, they can be easily connected to the existing fire protection systems. Then again WAGNER will be on hand as a reliable partner for ColocationIX.

Bremen-based ColocationIX GmbH operates a high-security data center in Bremen's historic Zwinglibunker with its two-meter-thick, massive outer walls. It offers its customers physical and digital security at the highest level and thus optimal conditions for outsourcing IT/servers. Via fiber optics, ColocationIX is directly connected with the largest Internet Exchanges DECIX, AMSIX and LINX as well as other important Internet Exchanges in Europe and China with lowest latency times. These direct paths allow applications to be operated globally at maximum performance.

Bremen-based ColocationIX GmbH is a partner company of the owner-managed Consultix GmbH and operator of an ISO 27001 certified high-security data centre.

Active Fire Prevention Ensures Comprehensive Protection of the IT Infrastructure

Risk Analysis

  • Electrical compounds
    High fire risk due to high energy density of power supply units, control cabinets and computer systems.
  • Technical Defects
    High risk of technical defects due to wiring, cable clamps and contact resistances; danger due to unnoticed smoldering fires.
  • Sensitive components
    High sensitivity of electrical equipment to smoke.

Protection Goals

Fire Protection of the Highest Safety Class - Active Fire Prevention Enables Permanent Availability of Data

All server rooms as well as technical rooms of the ColocationIX data center are protected by active fire prevention by means of oxygen reduction. An oxygen reduction system OxyReduct® reduces the oxygen concentration in the protected areas to the protection level defined for data centers by means of controlled nitrogen supply. Fire development is thus no longer possible.

As an integral part of the solution, all areas were equipped with TITANUS MICRO·SENS® aspirating smoke detectors for early fire detection. The aspirating smoke detectors are highly sensitive and at the same time absolutely foolproof. For example, a cable smoldering fire can be detected long before extensive smoke development occurs.

Customer Benefits

  • Secure
    Highest deception alarm security due to patented fire pattern recognition.
  • Highly available
    Maximum availability of computing power and data and no power shutdown in case of fire.
  • Early as possible
    Early fire detection for the decisive time gain to take countermeasures.
  • Customer relationship
    Reliable protection of investments and infrastructure and thus no image damage due to a fire event.
  • User-friendly
    Accessibility of the protected area by authorized personnel.

Customer Testimonial

Andres Dickehut, Shareholder of ColocationIX GmbH

Traditional fire protection systems have many disadvantages. Active fire prevention, on the other hand, is IT-friendly and harmless to the health of our employees.


The safety of our customers with their values and processes have top priority for WAGNER when planning individual fire protection solutions. We support you in the implementation of your protection goals.

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