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Case Study: Competec

Holistic fire protection from WAGNER protects automated compact storage system

In 2012, 2015 and most recently in 2019, WAGNER developed an individual fire protection solution for the automated compact storage system of Competec Logistik AG in Willisau (Switzerland), consisting of active fire prevention in combination with early fire detection using aspirating smoke detectors. The fire protection systems were designed in accordance with Swiss guidelines SN 123456 and SES.

Logistics service provider Competec Logistik AG, which provides logistics services for the popular Swiss online store BRACK.CH, among others, experienced an increase in order volumes in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic. In order for the Competec Group to be able to keep its delivery promise to its customers in the future, it was necessary to ensure a trouble-free operational flow with all associated operational processes. When it comes to fire protection, Competec relies on WAGNER's expertise and innovative fire protection solutions to provide holistic protection for its automated compact storage systems.

Initially, a partial expansion was planned for the existing warehouse in Willisau. However, due to the high order volume, Competec decided to build a new warehouse, which enormously expanded the capacities for storage and shipping of medium and large parts. The new warehouse building has a total height of 31 m and was gradually put into operation in 2021. The area to be protected of the automated compact storage system in the new building has a volume of 21,000 m³. The protected areas of the two existing compact bin stores, which are also equipped with WAGNER fire protection solutions, each have a volume of 11,000 m³. A total of 399 robots transport the bins in the 356,589 bin locations in the Competec logistics center to the 53 work stations.

The logistics service provider Competec Logistik AG is part of the Competec Group. This also includes the trading companies Alltron AG, Jamei AG, Schoch Vögtli AG and MEDiDOR AG. BRACK.CH AG is also part of this group and is one of the largest independent national retailers for consumer goods of all kinds, delivering more than 200,000 items directly from stock to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Highly complex logistics require intelligent fire protection concept

Risk Analysis

  • Electrical components
    Short circuits and other technical defects can occur in battery-operated robots and electrical systems. These pose a fire risk.
  • Small load carriers
    The small load carriers are made of plastic (polypropylene), which in case of fire drip down burning like a liquid.
  • Compact
    The high and compact storage favors rapid fire spread and prevents targeted fire extinguishing.

Protection Goals

  • Personal protection
    The protection of employees in the distribution center must be guaranteed at all times.
  • Operability
    The functionality of the compact storage system must be ensured so that internal processes are not disrupted.
  • Reputation
    The delivery promise must be kept in order to avoid damage to the company's image.
  • Investments
    The investments for the highly complex new warehouse building must be secured.

State-of-the-art fire protection

The automated compact storage system of the extension building - like the existing Competec buildings - is reliably protected by OxyReduct® active fire prevention in combination with TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors for early fire detection.

The OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system introduces nitrogen into the high-bay warehouse in a controlled manner, thus reducing the oxygen content in the protected area to a previously defined level.

Since the risk of smoldering fires and cable fires on electrical lines such as the robots or their charging stations cannot be completely ruled out even in an oxygen-reduced atmosphere, TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors are used for early fire detection. These smoke detectors detect the finest smoke particles at a very early stage.

Customer Benefits

  • Delivery capability
    Ensure 24/7 deliverability of goods for eCommerce.
  • Protection
    No fire-related damage to goods, storage or equipment.
  • Space-saving
    The fire protection systems are installed outside the warehouse and therefore do not require any space in the protected area itself.

Customer Testimonial

Roland Brack, founder and owner Competec

"A building like this is not erected every day in Switzerland. All the companies involved are enormously challenged," says Roland Brack, founder and owner of Competec. Technically, the highly complex extension building is state of the art, explains the Competec founder. For example, the company is breaking new ground in fire protection by making the two high-bay warehouses inert: by reducing the oxygen content in the air, a fire is actively prevented. 


WAGNER is an expert for fire protection in warehouse and logistics applications. Many well-known customers trust in our innovative fire protection solutions. We will gladly take care of your fire protection concerns.

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