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Case study: Davert

WAGNER Fire Prevention Solution Protects Fully Automated High Rack Warehouse

Davert relies on innovative fire-prevention solutions by WAGNER to protect its high rack storage facility, which began operations in spring of 2017. Inside the automated warehouse at the company’s headquarters in Ascheberg, an oxygen reduction system protects goods against fires and their consequences. That concept, combined with early smoke detection, has won over Managing Partner Friedrich Niehoff, who prefers fire prevention over reactive sprinkler solutions.

Fire Prevention for a Natural-Foods Supplier Steeped in Tradition

About the project

The fully automated high rack storage facility is 24 metres tall and can hold up to 7,400 palettes - which corresponds to a volume of 38,400 cubic metres. Davert chose to use an OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system rather than a sprinkler system because it offered greater efficiency at a lower cost. The company emphasizes sustainability and future-proofing when it comes to power as well: the roof of its warehouse holds a photovoltaic plant capable of generating up to 500 kilowatt hours per year, making it powerful enough to supply electricity to the fire prevention system as well.

About the customer

When it was founded in 1973, Davert GmbH was one of the pioneers of the natural foods industry; today, the mid-sized company is one of the largest natural foods providers in Germany. Its products can be found in natural foods stores throughout the country.

Protection goals

Risikoanalyse beim Referenzkunden Davert

Risk analysis

  • Automation
    Davert relies on a fully automated warehouse. Here, technical defects and errors represent a risk.
  • Goods
    Many of the stored goods have good flammability, so that a fire can spread quickly
  • Storage type
    The storage height and narrow design favour the chimney effect in case of fire.

Simple, Natural Fire Protection

WAGNER installed an OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system with energy-efficient V-Line technology. The system reduces the oxygen concentration inside the fully automated high rack storage facility to a level below the ignition threshold of the stored materials. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors were installed to provide the earliest possible smoke detection.

Customer benefits

  • Efficiency
    Installing the fire prevention system cost Davert around 1/3 less than a sprinkler system would have.
  • Installation
    The WAGNER system is easy to service. Thanks to its extensive network of branch locations, WAGNER also scores big on maintenance quality.
  • Safety
    With more than 800 OxyReduct® systems installed worldwide, WAGNER has exceptional references.

Kundennutzen beim Referenzkunden Davert

More Impressions of Davert

Customer Testimonial

Friedrich Niehoff, Managing Partner of Davert GmbH

Fire prevention needs to be problem-free and easy to service. The installation process was smooth, and the service was tip-top.

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