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Case Study: DIAMANT Zucker

Active Fire Prevention in High-Bay Warehouse – a Container Solution

For one of the production sites in Poland of the sugar manufacturer Pfeifer & Langen, a newly built high-bay warehouse was put into operation in mid-2020. WAGNER Poland equipped the warehouse with suitable fire protection, thus securing the flow of goods for the sweet products known under the DIAMANT Zucker brand.

Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A. built a new high-bay warehouse at the Sroda Wielkopolska production site near Poznan in 2019. Sugar specialties such as cinnamon sugar or syrup are stored here. There is space for up to 24,000 pallets in the 35-meter-high, 140,000 cubic meter warehouse.

It is directly connected to the sugar factory via a sluice. Storage and retrieval of the goods as well as their picking are fully automated.

Pfeifer & Langen has been manufacturing sweet products from beet and cane for the food industry and end consumers for 150 years and sells them under the name DIAMANT Zucker. With several locations in the EU, the company, founded in Cologne (Germany) in 1870, is one of the largest sugar manufacturers in Europe. It employs around 2,400 people across Europe.

Sweetener from Beet and Cane Receives Fire Protection with Oxygen Reduction

Risk Analysis

  • Electrical components
    There is a high degree of automation in the warehouse and production halls and thus a high proportion of electrical components.
  • High fire load
    The packing density of the goods is high and the packing material is cardboard. In addition, the sugar is stored on pallets for further processing.
  • Chimney effect
    With a storage height of about 35 meters and due to narrow construction the chimney effect in the warehouse is favored in case of fire.

Protection Goals

Solution in Container – Oxygen Reduction System OxyReduct® is Placed Outside the Warehouse

Four OxyReduct® systems together with early fire detection system form the basis of the fire protection solution. The oxygen reduction systems produce nitrogen from the ambient air and introduce it into the previously defined protective area. In this protective atmosphere, a fire cannot develop any further, nor can it spread any further. The TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors installed at Pfeifer & Langen for fire detection permanently take samples of the ambient air. The finest pyrolysis particles are thus detected as early as possible.

The special feature of the solution at Pfeifer & Langen is that a large part of the fire protection technology, such as nitrogen generators and control cabinets, was installed in a container next to the high-bay warehouse. This means that no storage volume is lost for the sweet goods.

"An external operating room is thus ideal for maintenance, as it is easily accessible. In addition, construction costs could be saved because no separate technical room had to be built in the warehouse for the fire protection system,"

Ireneusz Bruski, Managing Director of WAGNER Poland

Customer benefits

  • Secure
    Reliable protection of goods and new investments (new warehouse construction).
  • Highly available
    Securing the operational processes and the ability to deliver.
  • Earliest possible
    Earliest possible fire detection saves time for countermeasures.
  • Certified
    VdS approved and certified fire protection solution.
  • User-friendly
    Accessibility of the protected area by authorized personnel.

Customer testimonial

Andrzej Biedulski, Project Manager at Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A.

The most important thing in this case is to protect the stored sugar. A foam- or water-based solution was therefore ruled out for us from the outset.

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Long delivery times or even the failure of a goods delivery are a no-go for customer relations. WAGNER provides support in the design of an individual fire protection solution so that no image damage occurs as a result of fire.

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