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Case Study: Eisbär

Fire Prevention Secures Ice Cream Creations in the Newly Built Deep-Freeze Warehouse

WAGNER has been protecting the fully automated deep-freeze warehouse of ice cream producer Eisbär Eis in Ribnitz-Damgarten (Germany) from fire risks since 2018. Thanks to active fire prevention using oxygen reduction from the WAGNER Group, product availability is always guaranteed. The fire protection system was approved by the TÜV.

Whether in a waffle or a cup  – ice cream is one of the favourite sweets of the Germans: They consume around nine liters, or about 120 scoops of ice cream a year. Eisbär Eis Produktions GmbH produces the cold treat: in Ribnitz-Damgarten, Northern Germany, up to three million ice cream portions are frozen every day before being loaded onto pallets and shipped to retail chains and delivery services throughout Europe. In order to meet the constant increase in demand for ice cream and to continue to position themselves at the top of the market, it was necessary to build an additional deepfreeze warehouse at the location in Ribnitz-Damgarten.

The new fully automated warehouse has a storage volume of 75,000 cubic metres, which corresponds to an additional storage capacity of 12,000 pallet spaces. It is divided into three aisles with double pallet storage. At a crisp -24 °C vanilla ice cream and co. are stored in it. The fire protection solution OxyReduct® from WAGNER ensures the safety of the processes in terms of fire protection.

Eisbär produces ice cream specialities for retail chains and delivery services worldwide. The company exports to 27 European countries as well as to Australia and the USA. That makes the company to one of the largest ice cream producers in Germany.

Active Fire Prevention That Does Not Consume Storage Space

Risk Analysis

  • Electrical components
    Included are automated storage and retrieval machines and conveyor technology, refrigeration units, heat exchangers, defrosters and heating equipment.
  • Dry atmosphere
    Minus temperatures of up to -24 °C prevail in the deep-freeze warehouse.
  • Chimney effect
    The storage has a height of more than 30 metres with a very narrow construction.
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Protection Goals

Active Fire Prevention Secures Ice-Cream Creations

The solution to Eisbär's fire protection requirements is an OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system for active fire prevention. It prevents fires from spreading and thus protects against fire-related damage and interruptions to the supply chain that could endanger operations. Two energy-efficient OxyReduct® V-Line systems are installed in a separate technical room outside the warehouse of Eisbär Eis Produktions GmbH. This means they do not consume valuable storage space.

The basis of the fire protection solution is a system for early fire detection. WAGNER has installed TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors for this. The suction points are positioned above the aisles of the deep-freeze warehouse and constantly take samples from the ambient air. False alarmproof and highly sensitive, they detect even the smallest smoke particles and thus enable countermeasures to be initiated in good time. Smoke in the storage area or contamination of the goods can thus be prevented.

The combination of OxyReduct® and TITANUS® results in a comprehensive protection package for ice cream producer Eisbär.

Customer Benefits

  • Safe
    VdS approved and certified fire protection solution; reliable protection of investments, goods and processes, even at temperatures down to -40 °C.
  • Highly available
    Ensuring operational readiness and high availability of the warehouse.
  • Flexibel
    Flexible planning scope: fire protection solution can be flexibly adapted to new conditions when an expansion or extension is planned.
  • Efficient
    Low operating costs through VPSA technology – high energy efficiency in operation.
  • User friendly
    Permanent accessibility of the protected area – by authorized personnel.

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Customer Testimonial

Thomas Fürtig, Operations Manager, Eisbär (Germany)

Business disruption is an absolute no-go. For us, it is about the safety of the warehouse and protecting the new investment. Because the availability of our products always has top priority.

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