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Case Study: Imperial Logistics

Fire Protection from WAGNER Ensures the Just-In-Sequence Flow of Goods

In August 2014, Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH - then still under the name HANSMANN - relocated its logistics center with automated small parts warehouse to Flechtorf near Wolfsburg. WAGNER designed the fire protection solution with active fire prevention.

From the automated small parts warehouse in northern Germany, Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH supplies four assembly lines of an automobile manufacturer with cable harnesses. The vendor parts are transported to the assembly line on schedule every day in 24-hour operation. To prevent fire-related interruptions to deliveries, the logistics service provider relies on active fire prevention with oxygen reduction.

On the new site, which covers an area of around 22,500 m², the company built an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS) in a 10,000 m² hall with space for around 54,000 container storage locations.

Imperial Logistics International's service portfolio is divided into two divisions: Imperial Transport Solutions and Imperial Supply Chain Solutions. The company employs over 7,500 people worldwide.

Active Fire Prevention for Cable Harnesses of an Automobile Manufacturer

Risk Analysis

  • Electrical components
    High fire risk due to possible cable fires on conveyor motors and other warehouse automation equipment.
  • High packing density
    High storage racks and dense storage promote the chimney effect in the event of fire and thus rapid spread of the fire.
  • Fire behavoir
    Like gasoline; storage of wire harnesses used for the automotive industry in polypropylene plastic boxes for onward transport.
  • Difficult to extinguish
    Water is not suitable as an extinguishing agent due to the water-repellent property of the plastic.

Protection Goals

  • Personnel protection
    Employees of Imperial must always be protected from fire hazards.
  • Business processes
    Just-in-sequence processes do not allow for any downtime; maintaining processes and thus the high availability of the warehouse are top priority.
  • Property protection
    The stored goods and the warehouse must be protected from smoke, soot and possible water damage by extinguishing with a sprinkler system.
  • Environmental protection
    Fire-related formation of harmful substances and extinguishing agent residues must be avoided.

Preventing Fires Better than Extinguishing them

The comprehensive fire protection solution from WAGNER consists of false alarm-free fire detection with TITANUS PRO·SENS® air sampling smoke detectors and fire prevention with an OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system with VPSA technology (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption). By introducing nitrogen into the protected area, the oxygen concentration is kept below 14.6 vol%. This is below the ignition limit of polypropylene, the plastic from which the small load carriers are made.

Customer Benefits

  • Safety
    The fire protection solution from WAGNER has VdS recognition and thus offers certified safety.
  • Time saving
    Valuable time saving through safe and early alarming with air sampling smoke detectors.
  • Efficiency
    VPSA technology is very energy efficient.
  • Maintenance and service
    The nationwide dense branch network of WAGNER guarantees fast and reliable service.

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We have been working for customers in the warehouse and logistics industry for many years and can point to very many successfully completed projects, such as this one at Imperial Logistics. During this time, we have built up extensive know-how about the requirements, risks and protection goals of warehouse operators. On this basis, we offer our customers individual fire protection solutions tailored to their needs.

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