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Case Study: Kessel AG

Active fire prevention protects automated compact storage system of the dewatering specialist

In 2019, WAGNER equipped Kessel AG's newly installed automatic compact storage system within the existing building at the main production and storage site in Lenting with an OxyReduct® system for active fire prevention.

Drainage specialist Kessel AG always pays attention to safety. That is why the 2,400 m³ compact storage system was secured with an effective fire protection solution: no classic sprinklers were installed, which would protect the warehouse from fire damage but would still damage the stored products due to the extinguishing water. Instead, a special fire protection solution using early fire detection and active fire prevention through oxygen reduction is used in the compact storage system.

In order to make logistics capacities more efficient and more flexible for customers, Kessel AG is relying on fully automated logistics processes as part of an expansion and centralization at its headquarters. In addition to an automated transport system (KATE), an automated compact storage system was put into operation.

In the modular compact storage system 13,300 containers are available in a compact design with dense storage. The goods are automatically transported to the workstations by robots. The storage system used at Kessel AG moves around 150 containers per hour. Access performance was increased by 20% after only a short time.

With over 600 employees, Kessel AG is the market leader in Germany and an internationally active premium supplier in drainage technology. From the drainage of wastewater and its cleaning to the protection against backwater of a building, the product range includes holistic system solutions.

Warehouse automation - not without a suitable fire protection solution

Risk Analysis

  • Automation
    The high level of automation with a large number of electrical lines involves the risk of (unnoticed) short circuits.
  • Storage density
    Dense storage and placement of containers promotes rapid, unimpeded fire spread.
  • Packaging
    Small parts are packed in cardboard boxes, stored in plastic containers. Both the cardboard packaging and the containers promote the spread of fire.

Protection Goals

  • Goods
    The stored small parts such as seals and shower drains must be available around the clock and must not be damaged.
  • Supply chain
    The supply chain must not be interrupted. Consequential damage due to business interruptions must be avoided.
  • Operating sequence
    The process flows in the warehouse, such as picking, must be protected from fires, as must the functionality of the warehouse.

Preventive and active fire protection thanks to oxygen reduction

Kessel AG relies on active fire prevention OxyReduct® in combination with aspirating smoke detectors for early fire detection for the compact storage system.

The OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system reduces the oxygen content in the compact storage system by introducing nitrogen to a previously defined protection level, which is below the ignition limit of the critical materials (in this case cardboard packaging). The development of fire is prevented under these defined conditions.

In addition, aspirating smoke detectors of the TITANUS® type are used. These smoke detectors actively take air samples from the ambient air in the enclosed storage system, analyze them optically and thus detect false alarms 2,000 times more sensitively than conventional fire detectors - a considerable and significant time advantage in the automated warehouse.

Customer Benefits

  • Supply Chain
    The supply chain is not compromised thanks to the holistic fire protection solution. Just-in-time delivery can be met due to fire protection.
  • No consequential damage
    Thanks to active fire prevention by means of oxygen reduction, there is generally no fire-related consequential damage to goods, storage or nature.
  • Certified
    WAGNER's fire protection systems are tested, certified, tried and tested by VdS.
  • Space-saving
    The fire protection systems are installed outside the warehouse and therefore do not require any space in the protected area itself.

Customer Testimonial

Stephanie Fürsich, Project Manager, Kessel AG

Fire sources in high-bay warehouses often lead to the complete destruction of the warehouse. For this reason, it was particularly important for us to prevent the fire from starting or spreading in the first place.


Are you also planning a new warehouse and need comprehensive fire protection consulting? We specialize in creating holistic fire protection solutions based on your protection goals and the specific risks in your warehouse. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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