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Case Study: Lenbachhaus

A Combined Solution Consisting of Fire Prevention and Very Early Smoke Detection Protects Valuable Exhibits

The  Municipal Gallery in the Lenbachhaus in Munich houses a large collection of modern art, including works by Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys. In order to preserve the collections for posterity, a holistic fire protection solution with intelligent and state-of-the-art technology is required. WAGNER Group provides this.

Protecting the Art Collection Against Fires

About the Project

Large areas of Lenbachhaus in Munich, which had acted as an art museum since 1929, were destroyed in the Second World War. From 2009 to 2013, the building was extensively renovated and the destroyed areas were restored. It cost € 59.4 million to renovate the old villa from the ground up and construct a modern new building. However, there are also many structural modifications which are concealed from visitors’ eyes. The basement of the gallery acts as a warehouse for precious collections and works of art. To protect them from the effects of a potential fire, a comprehensive fire prevention solution was installed in the archives.

About the Customer

Palais Lenbach in Munich is home to the municipal Galerie im Lenbachhaus and presents works by Vassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys and many others.

Risk Analysis

  • Flammability
    Exhibits made of paper, cardboard, wood or textiles.
  • Fire spread
    High concentration of objects to be protected in a small space.
  • Sensitivity
    Low quantities of smoke and soot damage irreplaceable exhibits.

Protection Goals

Fire Prevention Solution Protects Valuable Works of Art

With a volume of around 500 m³, the four storage rooms in the basement are protected by a fire protection solution consisting of fire prevention, very early smoke detection and a danger management system. The OxyReduct® fire prevention system reduces the oxygen content in the protected area to a constant level below the ignition limit of the stored materials by pumping in nitrogen. This creates a protective atmosphere which drastically reduces a fire’s ability to sustain itself. The rooms remain accessible to personnel in the process.

TITANUS PRO·SENS® air sampling smoke detectors for earliest possible smoke detection reliably monitor the protected areas, secured against false alarms, to detect a fire in its earliest stages of forming. 

If the system detects a fire, the smoke alarm system’s control panel immediately initiates quick-action reduction. This reduces the oxygen content to a maximum protection level within 240 seconds. Initiating fire control measures at this early state keeps the fire from spreading and minimises the damage it is able to cause. OxyReduct® is also able to maintain the reduced oxygen concentration for as long as is desired after quick-action reduction has already been carried out.

The individual safety systems in the Lenbachhaus are all linked together by the VisuLAN®  risk management system.

Customer Benefits

  • Earliest as possible
    Very early fire detection protected from false alarms.
  • Preventive
    Protective atmosphere with reduced fire behaviour.
  • Fast
    Immediate extinguishing in the event a fire is detected.
  • Clear
    All safety-relevant systems connected via one parent system.

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Combined Fire Protection Solution Secures Artworks

The valuable art objects of the Lenbachhaus are comprehensively protected by a combined fire protection solution consisting of fire prevention, early fire detection and a hazard management system. Learn more in our application report.

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