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Case Study: National Museum Oslo

The National Museum in Oslo Relies on Fire Protection Solution with Oxygen Reduction

Since its modernization in 2021/2022, the National Museum in Oslo, Norway, has been protecting its treasures, including important works by Edvard Munch, with active fire prevention from fire protection experts WAGNER Group.

In order to provide the best possible protection for the art treasures in the National Museum in Oslo and thus ensure the required preventive fire protection, the archives and magazine collections were equipped with active fire prevention. The customer's requirement was clearly formulated before the solution was selected: The new building should be designed in such a way that the museum can store the collections properly and safely, while reducing damage caused by the structural conditions to zero.

The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo is the largest art museum in Northern Europe. In 2022, the museum will reopen to visitors and unite Oslo's three art museums in one location:

  • the National Gallery
  • the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • and the Art Industry Museum.

Design, craft and art from several centuries will find a place here in the future. The more than 400,000 exhibits include paintings by the famous Edvard Munch ("The Scream") as well as important works by Nordic, including Sami artists, architects and designers.

Sensitive Works of Art Require Optimum Fire Protection

Risk Analysis

  • Premises
    13 different archive rooms with very concentrated storage.
  • Fire load
    Tens of thousands of paintings, writings, and artefacts made of cardboard, paper, wood, and textiles pose high fire load.
  • Sensitivity
    Small amounts of smoke and soot damage irreplaceable exhibits.
Nationalmuseum Oslo mit Brandschutz von WAGNER
Nationalmuseum Oslo von außen

Protection Goals

Fire Prevention with Oxygen Reduction by OxyReduct® as individual Solution

In the museum, 13 rooms with a total volume of 37,000 cubic meters are protected by an OxyReduct® fire prevention system. Using three V-Line systems, nitrogen is generated on demand from the ambient air and fed into the protected areas to permanently lower the oxygen concentration. In this way, the oxygen level is lowered to a level below the ignition limit of the materials mainly found there. This prevents a fire from developing or spreading further. Combined with an early fire detection system, the slightest smoke particles caused by possible smoldering fires will be detected at an early stage. In the event of fire detection, appropriate countermeasures can be initiated immediately.

Customer Benefits

  • Safe
    No damage to artwork by actively stopping fires.
  • Without a trace
    Nitrogen as the used inert gas leaves no traces.
  • Sensitive
    No damage to the sensitive artworks due to soot and smoke.


The protection of your values is close to our hearts. We at WAGNER support you in protecting cultural assets such as precious paintings, historically valuable books and other art objects from fire and fire damage. We are happy to accept inquiries about your fire protection concerns.

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