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Customer Reference: Paloma

Active Fire Prevention with OxyReduct® in Paper Roll Warehouse

WAGNER protects the newly built paper roll warehouse of Paloma AG in Sladki Vrh, Slovenia, from fires. The new warehouse building went into operation in March 2021. The fully automated high-bay warehouse for hygiene paper is effectively protected with a combination of active fire prevention and early fire detection using air sampling smoke detectors.

Paloma produces so-called jumbo rolls at its headquarters. These are processed into toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, handkerchiefs and universal towels for industrial and medical use, as well as into maxi rolls. Due to its properties, paper is light and highly combustible. A comprehensive fire protection solution is therefore a must.

The fully automated high-bay warehouse has a volume of 38,000 cubic meters with a height of 21 meters. It is connected to production via an airlock. The basic product for handkerchiefs, toilet paper and kitchen rolls is stored there. The so-called jumbo rolls have a considerable size with a diameter of up to 2.5 meters and a maximum height of 2.75 meters. The density is 180 to 225 kg/cubic meter. Due to these dimensions, the jumbo rolls are stored directly on the floor and a maximum of two rolls are stacked on top of each other.

Paloma has more than 140 years of tradition in the production and marketing of sanitary paper products in Europe and is the market leader in Southeast Europe. The producer exports and produces about 72,000 tons of hygienic paper per year. Paloma is also part of the Slovak Hygienic Paper (SHP) Group, which is the largest producer of hygienic paper for Central and Eastern Europe.

Maintaining Product Availability, Protecting Products in the Best Possible Way

Risk Analysis

  • Technical defects
    Fires can be caused by the electrical components of automation equipment such as warehouse equipment and conveyor systems.
  • Packing density
    Goods are stored very close to each other.
  • Flammability
    The product is easily and very combustible due to its properties.
  • Embers
    Fire risk exists due to the entry of embers that may be present in the product.
  • Extinguishing
    In case of fire, paper rolls are difficult to extinguish from the outside.
Jumborollen von Paloma
Jumborollen im Papierrollenlager

Protection Goals

  • Processes
    Availability of goods, operational processes, flow of goods and supply chain must be maintained in the event of an emergency.
  • Ability to deliver
    Delivery obligations to customers must be met under all circumstances.
  • Goods
    Smoke contamination of goods must be prevented.
  • Inventory
    The new investment of the warehouse and the positioning on the market must be secured for the future.
  • Sensitivity of the good
    Rolls sprayed with sprinkler water can no longer be moved and become 100% unusable. Water-based extinguishing agents are therefore not an option.

The Solution for Paloma's Paper Roll Store is Called Active Fire Prevention

The fire protection solution for Paloma is based on the principle of active fire prevention. The risk of an open fire with direct and corresponding consequential damage can thus be reduced. The solution designed and implemented by WAGNER consists of the OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system and an early fire detection system with TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors, which have a particularly high sensitivity.

Planning and construction of the system complies with EN 16750. In order to determine the oxygen level for active fire prevention, fire tests were also carried out together with the customer at WAGNER's headquarters in Langenhagen. The result is a low ignition limit, so that the protected area may not be entered without additional measures.

The fire protection technology is housed in a separate technical room directly adjoining to the warehouse.

Customer Benefits

  • Protection
    Reliable protection of goods and processes against smoke, soot and (water/foam) extinguishing agents.
  • Image
    With WAGNER's solution, Paloma can avoid fire-related image damage and maintains its positioning in the market.
  • Warehouse operation
    No fire-related damage and downtime to warehouse operations.
  • Investment protection
    WAGNER's fire protection solution provides comprehensive protection for the new warehouse building.

Papierrollenlager Paloma

More Impressions of Paloma


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