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Case Study: Teekanne

Holistic Fire Protection from WAGNER Protects Teekanne's High-Bay Warehouse

The new, automated high-bay warehouse of tea expert Teekanne is equipped with a comprehensive fire protection solution with active fire prevention. In this way, the raw materials stored there will be sustainably protected against fires and consequential damage. The high-bay warehouse at the Neuss production site was successfully commissioned in 2022. 

Valuable and qualitatively flawless raw materials from all over the world are of elementary importance for all tea creations. Comprehensive fire protection was therefore extremely important to the tea experts when planning the new high-bay warehouse at the Neuss site. In the future, raw materials will be stored there in bags on pallets and made available for the further processes involved in manufacturing the various tea products. The new warehouse building is 25 meters high and has a total volume of almost 166,000 cubic meters. The new building is divided into three storage areas and a cross-distribution area, and is fully automated. According to the fire protection report, the greatest fire risk lies in the fully automated system. The experts from the WAGNER Group were responsible for implementing a suitable fire protection solution.

Teekanne was the first company to develop a tea bag packing machine at the beginning of the 20th century and, shortly afterwards, the double-chamber bag, which is now widely used worldwide - milestones in the company's history for its worldwide success. Today, the company, founded in 1882, sells its products worldwide. Over the past decade, Teekanne has undergone a modernization process in the areas of production and storage at its headquarters on the city border between Düsseldorf and Neuss. This includes new production facilities at the Neuss site as well as a modern high-bay warehouse for raw materials.

No Interruption in the Supply Chain

Risk Analysis

  • Automation
    Electrical components such as stacker cranes, shuttles for storing products, control cabinets are potential sources of ignition.
  • Product Density
    Tight storage and a high density of goods favor a fast spread of fire.
  • Bearing height
    The height of the bearing favors the chimney effect and accelerates the spread of the fire in case of fire.
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Teaser: Schutzziele Teekanne

Protection Goals

  • Goods
    The sensitive raw material for tea creations must be protected from fires and their consequential damage caused by smoke and soot.
  • Operating sequence
    The functionality of the automatic warehouse must be maintained under all circumstances.
  • Economic efficiency
    Fire-related consequential damage (loss of customer loyalty, damage to image, etc.) must be kept as low as possible.

Oxygen Reduction Ensures Comprehensive Protection of the Tar Raw Material

The fire protection solution focuses on fire prevention through oxygen reduction in combination with early fire detection at critical points. The solution is designed in accordance with guideline VdS 3527, 2018 edition.

The OxyReduct® fire prevention system reduces the oxygen level in the protected areas to a previously defined level that is below the ignition limits of the critical materials present. The system continuously maintains the protective concentration so that the development or spread of a fire is prevented. OXY·SENS® oxygen sensors constantly measure the current concentration in the protected area and, if necessary, control the further supply of nitrogen, for example after storage or removal.

A sustainable plus of the solution installed at Teekanne: The electricity for the building is supplied by a photovoltaic system on the roof of the high-bay warehouse - also the electricity for the oxygen reduction systems.

Customer Benefits

  • Availability
    Ensuring 24/7 availability of the base product for tea creations worldwide.
  • Safe
    No damage to the raw goods due to fire or extinguishing agents.
  • Reliable
    Reliable protection of the warehouse and stored goods and values.

Teaser: Nutzenanalyse Teekanne

Customer Testimonial

Klaus Gores, Head of Central Technology at TEEKANNE GmbH & Co. KG in Düsseldorf

When we asked ourselves how we could best protect our products and at the same time meet the fire protection requirements, we decided on an inert warehouse. The concept and the well-founded experience as well as reference visits have encouraged us to realize our project with the company WAGNER.


Your safety is our mission. As a provider of fire protection solutions, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible protection against fires and their consequences.  Therefore, we plan together with you the better solution in fire protection. We look forward to hearing from you.

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