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Case Study: Telehouse

WAGNER Fire Prevention Protects Telehouse Data Center in Frankfurt

The data center provider Telehouse comprehensively protects the technical infrastructure of its data center in Frankfurt am Main, which went into operation in 2018, against fire hazards with a customized fire protection solution from WAGNER.

In Frankfurt am Main, Telehouse operates a campus with several data centers focusing on colocation and cloud services. A separate building has been constructed for the technical infrastructure of one of the data centers. This technical building is connected to the existing building and the IT area there via two mezzanine floors (730 m³ and 1,700 m³ room volume). The constant availability of the stored data has top priority. Telehouse commissioned the WAGNER Group to develop an individual, holistic fire protection solution that takes into account the specific requirements in the mezzanine floors and the individual protection goals of the data center.

Telehouse is a global data center provider. The portfolio includes ICT services around cloud computing, colocation, system integration and connectivity.

Innovative Fire Prevention Concept Protects Data at the IT Centre 24/7

Risk Analysis

  • Large amount of electricy
    The data centre uses as much electricity as a small town with 30,000 inhabitants.
  • Supply shafts
    The supply lines for air conditioning and power supply essential for operation run through the building’s two intermediate storeys.
  • Electrical equipment
    High number of electrical and climate-control components and therefore an increased risk of smouldering cable fires.
  • Power interruption
    Restricted data availability and server capacity failures cause enormous damage to customers and loss of image for Telehouse.

Protection Goals

  • Accessibility
    Free to access for maintenance, repairs and searching for the cause in the event a fire is detected.
  • Energy supply
    Energy supply remains on in case of a fire.
  • 24/7 fire prevention
    Same level of fire prevention at all times, systems remain on even during maintenance, for example.
  • No malfunctions
    High fire detection false alarm immunity.

Solution Prevents Power Loss and Is Energy Efficient

The solution of the two-stage concept impresses with its high energy efficiency and maximum safety - without having to switch off the power in an emergency. If highly sensitive TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors detect a fire at the earliest stage of its development, the oxygen level is first lowered from the normal level (20.9% by volume) to 17% by volume by gently introducing nitrogen from stored N2 pressure tanks. In this way, a significantly reduced fire behavior is achieved; ideally, the fire goes out at an early stage. Thereafter, the OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system maintains the lowered oxygen concentration at a constant level for any length of time using nitrogen generated on site. The protected area remains freely accessible, and employees can search for and eliminate the cause of the fire.

If the air sampling smoke detectors continue to detect a fire, the oxygen concentration is lowered by reintroducing nitrogen from compressed gas tanks to a lower oxygen level that is well below the ignition limit of the materials prevailing in the data center. This second safety level can in turn be maintained for any length of time by reconnecting the nitrogen generator and is intended to completely prevent the spread of fire. Authorized personnel can still enter the protected area to take appropriate measures.

A major advantage of the solution installed by WAGNER is the (re)filling of the N2 pressure vessels with nitrogen directly on site. Nitrogen generators obtain the inert gas from the ambient air. This means that the pressurized gas containers do not have to be removed after emptying and driven to a filling plant. This saves Telehouse time and money and ensures a permanently high level of operational readiness.

Customer Benefits

  • Availability
    Servers are available around-the-clock, even in an emergency; no power cuts required.
  • Safe
    Early detection and oxygen reduction reduce fire risk and minimize fire consequences.
  • Simple
    Nitrogen is extracted directly from the air in the room for extinguishing and to refill the extinguishing cylinders.
  • User-friendly
    No damage due to the extinguishing agent; the protected areas are safe to access by employees and external service.

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Customer Testimonial

Asko Hamberger, Safety & Security Management, Telehouse GmbH

It is therefore extremely important that we keep our customer servers in operation 24/7. And individual fire prevention is a major part of this.

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If you are also interested in a customized fire protection solution with prior risk analysis and protection goal definition, please feel free to contact us.

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