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Innovative Fire Prevention Concept Protects Data at the IT Centre 24/7

Risk Analysis

  • Large amount of electricy
    The data centre uses as much electricity as a small town with 30,000 inhabitants.
  • Supply shafts
    The supply lines for air conditioning and power supply essential for operation run through the building’s two intermediate storeys.
  • Electrical equipment
    By its nature, a high number of electrical and climate-control components and therefore an increased risk of smouldering cable fires.
  • Power interruption
    Loss of customers and damage to image in the event of server capacity failure and server accessibility in the event of an emergency.

Protection Goals

  • Accessibility
    Free to access for maintenance, repairs and searching for the cause in the event a fire is detected.
  • Energy supply
    Energy supply remains on in case of a fire.
  • 24/7 fire prevention
    Same level of fire prevention at all times, systems remain on even during maintenance, for example.
  • No malfunctions
    High fire detection false alarm immunity.

A Powerful Combination: Gas Extinguishing with Oxygen Reduction

The two-stage concept combines traditional gas extinguishing technology with oxygen reduction and earliest possible fire detection to create an intelligent fire prevention solution with maximum safety.

If the highly sensitive TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors detect a fire in the earliest stages, the oxygen level is reduced first of all from 20.9 vol% to 17 vol% by gently introducing nitrogen from stored pressurized vessels. Reducing the oxygen concentration significantly impairs the development of the fire meaning that ideally the fire is already put out at this stage. An OxyReduct® P-Line then maintains the lowered oxygen level of 17 vol% for as long as necessary by generating nitrogen on site. This means that Telehouse employees can look for the cause of the fire and remove it thanks to the freely accessible protected area.

If the TITANUS® devices still detect a fire, the oxygen concentration is lowered again; this time to 13.8 vol%. Even at this oxygen level, Telehouse employees can still access the protected area to eliminate the cause of the fire. The OxyReduct® P-Line maintains this level for as long as necessary.

Customer Benefits

  • Availability
    Servers are available around-the-clock, even in an emergency; no power cuts required.
  • Safe
    Reliable fire protection system that prevents fires and their effects by combining early detection and oxygen reduction.
  • Simple
    Nitrogen is extracted directly from the air in the room for extinguishing and to refill the extinguishing cylinders.
  • User-friendly
    No damage due to the extinguishing agent; the protected areas are safe to access by employees and external service.

Kundennutzen beim Referenzkunden Telehouse

Asko Hamberger, Safety & Security Management, Telehouse GmbH

It is therefore extremely important that we keep our customer servers in operation 24/7. And individual fire prevention is a major part of this.

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