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Ensure availability of products and processes
with OxyReduct® active fire prevention
Huge warehouse volumes and automated processes
up, up and away with WAGNER fire protection

Fire protection for automated high-bay warehouses

The effective alternative to sprinkler systems

A high density of goods packed into a tight space, easily combustible packaging material, and electrical equipment all increase the risk of fire in automated high-bay warehouses. High-bay warehouses’ typical structural design and high density of goods mean that fire outbreak or spread can result in enormous losses. When fires occur in high-bay warehouses, a chimney effect often occurs, which helps the fire spread rapidly into higher areas and accelerate the spread of the fire. Suppressing such fires is very difficult as well. They represent a danger to people, the environment, goods, and logistics processes.

Fires need oxygen, heat, and fuel to develop. Highly combustible packaging materials represent an ideal fuel source.

A high degree of warehouse automation is synonymous with an increased risk of fire, because, statistically speaking, technical defects and the resulting short circuits or equipment overheating can lead to fire outbreak. The carriers of fire risk in automated high-bay warehouses include conveyor belts, storage and retrieval machines, packaging machines, rolling doors, and building systems such as electricity, lights, and HVAC. As such, the fire protection requirements for automated high-bay warehouses are particularly high: planners need to ensure that fires will be detected immediately upon outbreak and prevented from spreading, so that stored goods are protected and delivery bottlenecks, downtime and resulting costs are avoided. The problem with conventional sprinkler systems is that they result in significant, costly extinguishing process-related and water damage, so downtime is unavoidable. WAGNER’s professionally engineered systems for high-bay warehouses represent an alternative to sprinkler systems, one relying on active fire prevention rather than damage control. With its OxyReduct® oxygen reduction system, WAGNER has established an innovative protective solution that minimises the risk of fire from the outset.

Risk minimisation and active protection

Fire prevention as a solution for partly or fully automated high-bay warehouses

The OxyReduct® active fire prevention system relies on preventing fires rather than damage control. The principle behind the system is a simple one: Feeding nitrogen into the protected area removes the supporting oxygen that any potential fires would need in order to spread.


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  • Safe
    Active fire prevention system provides ongoing, reliable fire protection.
  • Individual
    Tailor-made protection schemes for customer-specific risks and protection requirements.
  • Easy
    Extracts nitrogen directly from ambient air on site to use in reducing oxygen concentration levels.
  • Efficient
    VPSA technology offers potential energy savings of up to 80% compared to conventional membrane technology.
  • Flexible
    Easy to adapt in response to changes in usage or building renovation.
  • Environmentally friendly
    No need to dispose of fire residues, ashes or extinguishing gases.
  • Tested
    VdS certified including installer and system recognition.

Reference projects

Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A., Poznán (Poland): Business processes and the flow of goods are maintained with OxyReduct® even in the case of emergency

In our case, the most important thing is to protect the stored sugar. This means foam or water-based solutions were not an option for us.

Andrzej Biedulski, Project Manager at Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A.

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KLM Logistik, Rheine (Germany): an automated deep-freeze high bay warehouse in a class by itself

The solution speaks for itself: in our new high-bay cold storage warehouse, nothing can burn thanks to active fire prevention using oxygen reduction. Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the VPSA technology installed, we not only score big in terms of security, we also keep operation costs down.

Georg Grewe, Managing Director, KLM Logistik

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British Library, Boston Spa (Great Britain): Intelligent fire protection ensures maximum safety for valuable written works

OxyReduct® with VPSA technology is effective not only in terms of safety, but also as regards low operating costs.

Patrick Dixon, Head of Construction and Technology at the British Library

Read application report

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Even in difficult times of the corona virus, WAGNER as your expert for plant-related fire protection is still by your side.