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The principle of active fire prevention

Risk minimisation and active protection

The OxyReduct® active fire prevention system relies on preventing fires rather than damage control. The principle behind the system is a simple one: Feeding nitrogen into the protected area removes the supporting oxygen that any potential fires would need in order to spread.

In a manner of speaking, the system takes incipient fires’ breath away. It suppresses fire development right from the initial stage, before an open fire even has a chance to develop. The system can be used in both partly automated and fully automated warehouses. We adapt the protection concept to the particular conditions within each warehouse, and reduce oxygen concentrations from their normal 20.9 % vol. to a level between 13.8 and 17.0 % vol.

How does the OxyReduct® fire prevention system work?

WAGNER’s VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH-approved technology works by reducing room or protected-area oxygen levels in a controlled manner. Nitrogen drawn from the surrounding air is fed into the protected area, reducing oxygen concentration levels below the specific ignition threshold of the materials contained therein, and holding them there. The patented technology thereby creates an atmosphere that prevents fires from starting or spreading.

What advantages does active fire prevention offer you?

  • Preventative fire protection solutions effectively protect people, valuable goods, and processes.
  • They considerably reduce the risk of warehouse fires, as fires are suppressed while still in the incipient stage.
  • Open fires are prevented entirely in protected high-bay storage facilities.
  • Damage from smoke, soot and extinguishing agents or chemical reactions never becomes a problem.
  • Because nitrogen can be obtained naturally from the surrounding air, there is no need to dispose of fire residues, ashes, or extinguishing gases.
  • Investments are protected.
  • And compared to sprinklers, the space-saving OxyReduct® system makes it possible to utilise more warehouse capacity, and frees up as much as 15% more storage space.
  • Your OxyReduct® system will be configured to meet your needs, giving you tailor-made fire protection.
  • Custom-designed systems give your high-bay warehouse, rack systems and conveyor equipment reliable, preventative protection.

Secure your existence

Fire prevention systems help you avoid costly operational downtime and interruptions. You protect your goods and investments, thus considerably reducing your business risk. Should your circumstances change in terms of facility usage or building expansion/conversion, you always have the flexibility to adapt your OxyReduct® system accordingly. Benefit from the system’s high cost-benefit ratio and low operating costs compared to air conditioning or lighting systems, and count on a certified, tested system already successfully protecting hundreds of other customers.


WAGNER is the number-one specialist in innovative, individual fire protection concepts. We draw upon 40 years of expertise and experience to provide our customers with a full spectrum of fire protection solutions.

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Exceptional fire protection

OxyReduct® is the first active fire prevention system recognised by the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH (Organisation of Property Insurers). This award is of central importance to builders, owners and operators as a testament to the system’s quality and reliability. OxyReduct® also meets the highest standards in personal protection: It regulates oxygen levels within the warehouse depending on the facility operator’s specifications and the level of protection selected for the high-bay warehouse in question.

Oxygen concentration levels can be set such that healthy employees can work and operate warehouse equipment within the environment without issue. The German Statutory Accident Insurance Organisation (DGUV) published a paper on the topic in June of 2013. In Informational Sheet BGI/GUV-I 5162, “Working in Oxygen-Reduced Environments,” it lists three risk classes for working in spaces with with reduced oxygen levels, and recommends specific safety measures for each level. See the OxyReduct® product section for more information.

Combining systems

TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors are used in combination with OxyReduct® active fire prevention to help detect smouldering fires early on. TITANUS® early fire detection systems can detect even the smallest pyrolysis particles in the air reliably.

A supplementary FirExting® gas extinguishing system, which puts out fires efficiently and with no residue, can be employed to suppress fires and prevent them from spreading.

VisuLAN® risk management makes it possible to monitor and manage a variety of building technology, communications, and security systems centrally. This minimises security risks and operating errors, and makes it possible to take appropriate emergency response action quickly, in order to prevent more serious damage.

OxyReduct® in use

Paper, cardboard, plastic film—many of the packaging materials used in rack storage facilities are highly combustible. Once these materials ignite, the fire can spread throughout the high-bay warehouse rapidly. This video shows the fire behaviour of cardboard in a reduced-oxygen atmosphere, illustrating the principle behind WAGNER’s OxyReduct® active fire prevention system. View fire experiment now!