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Special constructions require special fire protection solutions
Protect server and control cabinets from fire with WAGNER

Fire protection for control and server cabinets

Protect electrical and electronic equipment with a space-saving early fire detection system

Today, having digital data permanently available is essential to companies’ success. IT system failure is a major economic hazard for any business, which is why it is so important to limit risks like fires. As such, companies need to secure their hardware and software, such as server and control cabinets, with adequate, risk-appropriate fire protection. Server and control cabinets are closed constructions containing electrical components, and are often housed in non-central, usually unsupervised areas of the company - a combination that makes them a major challenge in terms of fire protection technology. Fire detection and extinguishing systems need to be installed as close to the equipment as possible, so that smouldering fires can be detected and extinguished immediately.

Why server and control cabinets need fire protection

The components contained in control cabinets help ensure that operations can continue uninterrupted. When fires occur, however, soot, smoke gases and corrosion can all permanently damage circuit boards and other hardware, resulting in the loss of irreplaceable data. The consequences of total IT failure can threaten a business’s very existence: According to a worldwide study conducted by Veeam in 2016, companies experience losses totalling over $16 million US every year as a result of availability gaps. Such incidents can damage customer and employee trust as well as company image, and may even impact business to the point of driving a company bankrupt.

Increased fire risk in server and control cabinets endangers hardware

The fire risk in electrical cabinets primarily stems from overloaded electrical equipment, faulty contacts or defective components. Most incipient fires in closed server cabinet systems start off as smouldering fires that are difficult to detect. As such, conventional fire protection is often inadequate for server and control cabinet systems, because fire detectors are installed outside the cabinets and usually only react once a fire has already developed. By that point, it is often too late to take action. Because server cabinets are closed, it is absolutely essential that early fire detection and extinguishing systems be installed directly inside the cabinets, as close to the racks as possible. Only then can smouldering fires be detected and suppressed as quickly as possible.

Optimum fire protection for control cabinets: TITANUS® RACK·SENS

Combined early fire detection and suppression right at the source of the fire

WAGNER’s TITANUS®RACK·SENS early fire detection system has extraordinarily sensitive air sampling smoke detectors (formerly known as aspirating smoke detection systems) that respond with up to 2,000 times more sensitivity than conventional fire protection. The system’s 482.6-mm (19”) modular design makes it an ideal, space-saving solution for monitoring control cabinets, where it can detect fires exactly where they are at the highest risk of occurring.


The fire prevention experts’ product portfolio contains both individual system solutions and professional, comprehensive protection including maintenance and 24-hour service.


  • Time-saving
    Detects fires while they are only starting to form so that countermeasures can be taken immediately,
  • Efficient
    In combination with extinguishing, the fire can be fought directly in the server cabinet.
  • Compact
    Extra-flat fire fire protection thanks to installation height adapted to the server cabinets.
  • Integrated
    Fire detection and extinguishing in a single device.
  • Modular
    Integration in new and existing systems as well as adjustments possible at any time.
  • Easy
    Plug & play system ready for immediate operation.
  • Proven
    The robust TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors have been successfully used for decades.

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