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Fire protection for automated enclosed storage lift systems & paternoster racks

Detect fires quickly and fight them without destruction or residue

For years, the logistics industry has been confronted with ever-increasing demands on the storage and picking of stored goods. The reasons for this are, on the one hand, the permanent optimization of the economic efficiency of storage processes and, on the other hand, the further increasing minimization of warehouse stocks with maximum availability of the goods in terms of time and space. A suitable solution in the area of small parts storage is offered here by closed storage systems such as vertical storage lift systems, paternoster or carousel or flow racks, in addition to the classic block or rack storage systems. These closed storage systems perfectly meet the needs of automated small parts logistics, but place special demands on fire protection.

Even small fires can cause major damage: Logistics processes can be interrupted, fixed assets and goods destroyed. For those responsible for operating a warehouse lift system as the hub of their logistics operations, a fire-related outage would have a direct negative impact on the overall performance of the company.

Holistic fire protection concept for automated compact storage systems

Risk analysis for compact, closed storage systems

From a fire protection point of view, these storage systems are so-called encapsulated systems with partly high fire loads. Due to the compact design, a fire event can only be fought with difficulty and a fire can therefore spread quickly.


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Definition of protection goals

The operators of the automated, self-contained storage system define the protection goals individually. In addition to the protection of personnel and the environment, an uninterrupted supply chain and availability of goods must be guaranteed at all times.

Fire risks at a glance

  • Compact design
    The extremely compact design with possibly high concentration of values entails a high fire load.
  • Storage density
    Due to the storage density, targeted fire fighting with conventional, water-based extinguishing agents is not possible.
  • High automation
    The large number of electrical components poses an additional fire risk.
  • Goods and materials
    The material of the small load carriers (polyethylene/polypropylene), the packaging (cardboard/plastic) and the stored goods are further fire risks.

Individual protection goals

  • Operability
    Ensuring business continuity in terms of goods availability and avoiding business interruptions is essential.
  • Delivery capability
    The ability to deliver may not be affected at any time.
  • Business continuity
    Consequential damage and damage to the company's image, which often result from a business interruption, must be prevented.
  • Goods / storage system
    Goods and valuables must not be damaged by fire, smoke or extinguishing agent used.

Fire protection solution provides effective protection against fire hazards and damage

Prevention for reliable and effective fire protection

With regard to fire protection, special challenges arise in automated, self-contained storage systems. The compact design and tight storage favor rapid, unhindered fire spread. Active and earliest possible fire detection is required. Only in this way can a fire be detected in its early stages and then extinguished immediately. Learn more in our video.

Detect fires at an early stage in order to fight them in a targeted manner

The particularly tight storage and high material density place special demands on fire protection. WAGNER has therefore developed a special solution for automated, enclosed warehouse lift and paternoster systems: With highly sensitive early fire detection and residue-free extinguishing with the inert gas nitrogen, we ensure the preservation of logistics processes and delivery capability for our customers worldwide.

The highly sensitive TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors detect the finest pyrolysis particles/ smallest smoke particles within the system at the earliest possible stage by continuous air sampling and enable countermeasures to be taken in good time.

In the event of fire detection, the FirExting® gas extinguishing system ensures gentle flooding and uniform distribution of the extinguishing gas nitrogen in the storage system. The fire is thus effectively and, above all, gently extinguished without leaving any residue. Extinguishing damage to the infrastructure and stored goods, such as that caused by the use of water, spray mist or foam, is avoided. We meet the special challenge of homogeneous distribution of the nitrogen due to the narrow spaces between the trays with a special and space-saving pipe system without loss of storage space. As a result, the extinguishing gas is introduced uniformly at different heights within the storage system, which can be up to 30 meters high. In order to compensate for structural leaks in the storage system and to be able to ensure reliable fire protection over the holding time of ten minutes required by the VdS, holding flooding is started shortly after the first extinguishing. For this purpose, the extinguishing agent bottles are released at intervals.

3D representation of a possible fire protection solution in warehouse lift systems and paternoster racks

  1. Gas extinguishing system with inert gas nitrogen introduces natural extinguishing agent at lowest pressure during flooding
  2. Extinguishing gas is homogeneously distributed throughout the entire storage lift by a special pipe system
  3. Warehouse lift systems are used to optimize the flow of goods, space capacities as well as personnel expenses
  4. Electrical alarm is given by a combination of flashing light/signal horn or, optionally, in the event of danger to persons, additionally by a pneumatic signal horn
  5. TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors are used for early fire detection
  6. Manual release allows to activate the extinguishing system manually when a fire is detected

The better solution in fire protection

Customer benefit

All of the customer's protection goals can be achieved with a holistic solution consisting of fire prevention and fire detection. This ensures operational readiness.

Fire protection from WAGNER is tested, certified and compliant with standards. The installed TITANUS® and FirExting® systems have been certified by VdS.

More advantages

  • Protection
    Protection of the goods and also the storage system from damage caused by extinguishing agents or smoke contamination.
  • Low consequential damage
    If damage does occur, the consequential damage is minimal and there are hardly any follow-up costs.
  • Scalable
    The fire protection solution consisting of the oxygen reduction system and the air sampling smoke detectors is scalable.
  • All from one source
    WAGNER offers everything from a single source for the entire life cycle of a plant.
  • Simple
    Project handling is easy and safe to plan with WAGNER as your partner.


The safety of our customers with their values and processes have top priority for WAGNER when planning individual fire protection solutions. We support you in the implementation of your protection goals.

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