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Fire protection for warehouses
a guideline for risk minimization
High-rack systems, narrow alleys, high-value products require clever fire protection
with WAGNER fire protection, you are in good hands

Fire prevention in warehouses

Fire risks and causes of fire in warehouses

According to a study by the German Insurance Association, more than one third of all industrial and commercial fires occur in warehouses. As such, fire prevention takes on special importance within the storage and logistics sector, and needs to play an important role in logistics centres and warehouses right from the planning stages. Most warehouse fires are caused by sparks emitted by overloaded electronic components, such as drive motors or high-back racking units.

Technical defects represent another fire hazard. The particular conditions in warehouses and logistics centres increase the risk that fires will spread rapidly: narrow alleys, high bay systems, long conveyor belts, a concentrated volume of goods within a tight space, and flammable packaging materials are all conducive to fire development. Fire protection takes on particularly great significance when storing small load carriers (SLC) or hazardous materials. In SLC storage, the fire behaviour of the plastic material used to make the SLCs creates additional risk. In hazardous materials storage, the mildly to highly flammable substances stored here must be specially protected due to the explosion hazards fires would create.

The significance of fire protection in storage and logistics

  • Personnel protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Protecting operating processes and maintaining uninterrupted delivery capability (thus part of securing continued existence)
  • Protecting investments in goods, technology and buildings

The need for, and thus the number of, logistics centres and warehouses is steadily increasing. At the same time, the storage and logistics industry is being confronted with a number of new requirements: Developments like online retail and increasingly high customer expectations (same-day delivery, for example) are resulting in new and increasingly complex challenges. Process automation, optimised interfaces, speed and complete flexibility are all necessary for providers to be able to ensure ever-shorter throughput times from goods receipt to dispatch. And maintaining delivery capability and operational processes at all times is crucial to the company’s success and continued existence.

Innovative fire protection solutions for warehouses and logistics centres

Minimise fire risks preventively

WAGNER offers operators of warehouses and logistics centres innovative fire protection concepts that ensure operational safety and help protect people, processes and products: the OxyReduct® active fire protection system reduces oxygen concentration levels within a previously defined protected area, preventively inhibiting fires from developing or spreading. Unlike sprinkler-based fire protection, oxygen reduction prevents fires from starting in the first place.


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  • Experienced
    WAGNER is a dependable partner with over 40 years of fire prevention expertise.
  • Innovative
    As a technology leader, WAGNER continuously refines its fire protection systems with its in-house research and development.
  • Preventative
    Risk minimisation instead of damage control with OxyReduct® fire prevention technology.
  • Specialist
    One of WAGNER’s focuses is on fire protection for warehouses and logistics centres, and it has impressive, well-known references to prove it.
  • Residue-free
    WAGNER uses gases as extinguishing agents which fight fires efficiently without leaving residues, unlike sprinklers.

Reference projects

Davert GmbH, Münsterland (Germany): Fire protection in high-bay warehouses

Fire safety must be easy and easy to maintain. The installation was straightforward and the service top. This gave us confidence in WAGNER as a partner.

Friedrich Niehoff, Managing Partner of Davert GmbH

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NewCold Germany Rheine GmbH (Germany): Fire protection in a deep-freeze warehouse

The solution speaks for itself: in our new high-bay cold storage warehouse, nothing can burn thanks to active fire prevention using oxygen reduction. Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the VPSA technology installed, we not only score big in terms of security, we also keep operation costs down.

Frank Huckschlag, Managing Director, NewCold Germany Rheine

Fire protection in hazardous material storage

We were faced with a difficult task that we could not accomplish using conventional safety and security technology. Our company fire brigade conducted an extensive series of tests attempting to set fire to an OxyReduct®-protected test laboratory—in vain.

Dr. Peter Bachhausen, Head of Safety and Environmental Protection, BASF Coatings AG