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Fire detection in high-bay warehouses

TITANUS® offers optimal early fire detection with highest deception and interference resistance

High-bay warehouses have an increased risk of fire due to the high density of goods, highly flammable packaging material and the operation of electrical systems. In the event of a fire, the so-called chimney effect in high-bay warehouses ensures that flames spread upwards very quickly. Due to the radiant heat of the developed fire, the fire spreads to adjacent shelves a little later. The consequences are fatal: Smoke contamination, burn-up and damage caused by extinguishing water lead to immense economic damage, up to the total loss of stored goods and infrastructure. In addition to the direct consequences, a fire can also cause intangible damage such as loss of reputation, missed market opportunities and the loss of customers.

In addition to the fire hazard described above, the avoidance of business interruptions and the total cost of ownership play a decisive role in the selection of suitable fire alarm technology. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors have been specially developed to meet these requirements in the best possible way, even under difficult environmental conditions:

  • Time saving for a very early intervention
    The lowest smoke concentrations are sufficient for an alarm and allow valuable time to be saved for the earliest possible intervention. In this way, fire events can usually be defused in their early stages without exceeding the de minimis limit. TITANUS® ensures that the level of protection is maintained even with gradually changing aerosol loads. The function of a TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors is shown in the photo gallery.

Design and function of an air sampling smoke detector


  • Avoidance of business interruptions
    With the LOGIC·SENS fire pattern detection system, TITANUS® ensures maximum security against false alarms, avoiding unnecessary interruptions to operations and travel costs for the fire brigade. The absence of false alarms also ensures that genuine alarms are taken seriously.

    The patented PIPE·GUARD airflow monitoring system as well as a wide range of accessories for adapting the air sampling smoke detector to almost any ambient condition ensure exceptional immunity to interference. This eliminates the need for service work on the connected pipe system, generally over its entire service life.

    In addition, the technology of the air sampling smoke detector offers the advantage of being able to maintain the devices at a central, easily accessible location and to avoid interruptions in operation for the purpose of trial activation of fire detectors. A sketch of the monitoring of a high-bay warehouse by TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors is shown in the photo gallery.

Side view of a high rack with TITANUS® Project planning according to VDE 0833-2

Top view of a high-bay aisle monitoring system with TITANUS® Project planning according to VDE 0833-2

  • Minimisationof the total costs
    The entire TITANUS® concept is uniquely designed to minimise overall costs: The large monitoring area reduces the number of detectors required. The modularity of TITANUS® makes it possible to use only as much technology as is actually required. The low power consumption allows the replacement energy supply to be buffered with low battery capacity. Accessories for adaptation to the respective environmental conditions protect the detector and thus extend its service life. Ease of maintenance, noise immunity and deceptive alarm security provide decisive advantages in terms of maintenance effort, necessary interruptions of operation and maintenance costs.

    In cold stores down to -40°C, TITANUS® also enables operation within the store so that the insulating wall does not have to be drilled through for pipe penetrations, as is usually the case. By dispensing with an intake pipe leading to the outside, any impairment of the function through the formation of condensation water is basically ruled out. The otherwise usual technical measures and maintenance work are therefore not necessary with TITANUS®. In addition, icing of the air sampling openings is prevented by feeding compressed air into the pipe network, thus saving energy.

On the one hand, TITANUS® achieves what can be achieved with the best possible fire detection. If on the other hand the development of a fire must be excluded in principle, WAGNER also realises this requirement with the VdS-recognised fire prevention system OxyReduct®. Through a controlled supply of nitrogen into a protected area, the oxygen level is continuously kept at a lowered level below the ignition limit of a fire. For early detection of braised fires, the combination with highly sensitive TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors is recommended when using OxyReduct®.

Author: Dr. Oliver Linden, WAGNER Group GmbH