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WAGNER Rail GmbH equips the first underground people mover in Russia with fire protection technology

WAGNER Rail GmbH, with headquarters in Haar near Munich, has installed a fire protection solution in a people mover in Russia for the first time: at Scheremetjewo airport in Moscow. The fully automatic cable liner has been covering a route of around two kilometres since May 2018 and connects the north and south terminal complex. It is the first cable liner that runs underground in a tunnel. To make the journey as safe as possible for the passengers, the producer Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH, with its suppliers Carvatech Karosserie and Kabinenbau GmbH, turned directly to the fire protection experts at WAGNER Rail GmbH.

To ensure that up to 3,360 passengers per hour can travel safely back and forth between the terminals 365 days a year, WAGNER Rail GmbH has installed a fire protection solution comprising a range of different technologies in the two cable liners with four carriages each: Multi-sensor fire detectors, linear heat detectors and an aerosol extinguishing system, which are all connected to a fire alarm panel. In addition to protecting the passengers, the customer also put high emphasis on protecting the installed technical containers because the fire risk within the automatic people movers mainly stems from the electrical compartments installed in them. Furthermore, if the cable liner stopped working as a result of fire, this would have significant consequences for the passengers, not to mention air traffic.

Perfect interplay: Fire detection and extinguishing for people and technology
In the four passenger areas per cable liner, WAGNER Rail GmbH installed multi-sensor fire detectors. Multi-sensor fire detectors work on the principle of light scattering. At the heart of the technology is a high-quality opto-electronic measuring chamber, which optimally detects light and dark smoke particles. This allows a fire to be detected reliably and passengers to be evacuated as quickly as possible. This is particularly important, as the cable liner runs in a tunnel system.

The technical areas were equipped with a separate fire protection solution: Each carriage contains three technical containers. These containers contain the manifolds and control units. The technical containers are all equipped with multi-sensor fire detectors and linear heat detectors. The linear heat detector is responsible for temperature monitoring. In the event of fire, it reacts by causing a short circuit in the sensor line if the alarm temperature is exceeded. The detected parameter results in an alarm signal.
To ensure that fires can be extinguished effectively in the early stages of an emergency, an aerosol extinguishing system was also added to the fire protection solution. This is used in all technical areas in all carriages.

This was the first cable liner project for the rail fire protection experts from Bavaria. WAGNER Rail GmbH has already completed several successful projects in Russia: Anyone who wants to travel from Scheremetjewo airport to the centre of Moscow, for example, has to take the Moscow Aeroexpress. And this is also equipped with effective fire protection – with innovative technology from the fire protection expert.

People Mover
The fully automatic cable liner from the Austrian manufacturer Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH is powered by steel rope and runs underground at Scheremetjewo airport in Moscow. The suitable and above all safe fire protection solution for passengers and technology was supplied by WAGNER Rail GmbH – the fire protection expert for rail vehicles. Copyright: Doppelmayr Group