Global Cold Chain Expo

Date: 10-06-2019 - 12-06-2019
City: Chicago, USA

This year's Global Cold Chain Expo (GCCE) will take place from 10th-12nd June 2019 in Chicago. The conference on the exhibition will take place on Monday from 11:30 am - 5:15 pm and on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 am. The frozen food fair invites decision makers and managers of the frozen food industry from all over the world. Whether producers, distributors, transporters or warehouse keepers, the GCCE brings the people in charge of the entire supply chain to improve performance and share their experiences. The expo in particular offers space for networking.

WAGNER will be on site as a fire protection supplier for deep-freeze and cold storage warehouses and will present its innovative solution for active fire prevention. In the "Oxy-cabin" our colleagues will show live how fire prevention works. Visit our booth and try to ignite a lighter in the cabin - this will not work. How and why? We will explain this to you on site. Come and visit us!

Logo GCCE 2018