Date: 25-09-2018 - 28-09-2018
City: Essen, Germany

The international family owned company presents fire protection systems in a wide range of areas. From warehouse and logistics, IT and data centres to theatres and museums and special applications such as ships, trains or the international space station ISS.

Maximum-level fire prevention in data centres
This year's highlight is the intelligent two-stage concept that has specially been developed for use in data centres. It combines various fire protection systems into an integrated and energy-efficient all-round solution.

Also on display is the proven air sampling smoke detector TITANUS®, which latest family member TITANUS MULTI∙SENS® was implemented in the famous Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The new detector takes WAGNER’s early smoke detection technology to a new level. Not only is it able to detect a fire as early as possible, but it can also reliably distinguish smoke from theatre fog.
Each detector module contains several scattered-light sensors, which it uses in combination with artificial intelligence to detect optical “fingerprints”. As a result, the detector is capable of reliably distinguishing fire from disturbing variables.

WAGNERs Experts are looking forward to meet you at the security in Hall 6, booth A90.