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Early fire detection with TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors

Detect fires early, with no false alarms

Every second counts where fire is concerned. The faster a fire is detected, the faster action can be taken in order to prevent more serious damage. The head start that WAGNER’S TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors offer can be crucial to a company’s continued existence. After all, fire is an ever-present risk that is not to be underestimated. Material assets, operational processes, people and the environment are always exposed to this threat, which is why appropriate fire protection solutions are so important.

According to statistics by Siegfried Bussenius, the majority of damaging fires (68 %) develop from prolonged smouldering fires. Conventional smoke detectors have a crucial disadvantage there: depending on whether they are optical fire detectors or heat detectors, these smoke detectors will only react to high concentrations of smoke or increased temperatures within the protected area. By that time it is often too late to implement countermeasures.

WAGNER’s highly sensitive aspirating smoke detection systems offer early smoke detection in the pyrolysis phase along with graduated alarms. High response sensitivity, continuous aspirating, and a graded alarm-activation concept ensure early detection of smouldering and incipient fires, so that users have time to react to alarms appropriately.

A crucial head start when it counts

Functional principle

WAGNER uses optical aspirating smoke detectors with HPLS technology for early fire detection. The structure of our aspirating smoke detection systems is based on a pipe system with aspirating points and a base unit with a detector module. For project configuration purposes, each of the aspirating points correspond to one point-type smoke detector.


WAGNER has been developing its own aspirating smoke detectors since 1997. The TITANUS® family features unparalleled detection quality and safety against false alarms—when it comes to aspirating smoke detectors choose WAGNER


  • Head start
    Offers a head start over conventional point-type smoke detectors thanks to its reliable early alarm triggering.
  • False alarm-proof
    Dust, dirt and exhaust gases are no problem: Intelligent LOGIC·SENS signal processing distinguishes fire patterns from false alarms.
  • Robust and reliable
    TITANUS® works securely and dependably even under tough environmental conditions such as unfavourable air flows or poor accessibility.
  • Temperature-resistant
    TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors can be used at temperatures as low as -40 and as high as +60°C.
  • Easy maintenance
    Easy accessibility minimises inspection costs and enables maintenance without interrupting operation.
  • Modular
    High modularity guarantees a cost-effective solution adapted to the customer’s requirements as well as easy retrofitting and conversion.
  • Aesthetically appealing
    The ceiling ducts and aspirating points are virtually invisible. The detection unit can be installed in a concealed location.

Reference projects

KERN & SOHN GmbH, Balingen (Germany): Perfect fire protection for precision scales in a new automated warehouse construction

These goods are precious, and actual delivery capability is even more valuable to us.
That’s why we’ve invested in good fire protection.

Albert Sauter, Managing Director, KERN & SOHN GmbH

Case study

noris network AG, Nuremberg (Germany): Innovative fire protection for Europe’s most modern data centre

The combination of early fire detection and active fire prevention
won us over entirely.

Ingo Kraupa, Chairman of the Board, noris network AG

Case study

State Parliament of Lower Saxony, Hanover (Germany): Dependable fire protection for data at Lower Saxony’s seat of government in Hanover

Using OxyReduct® significantly reduces fire risk in the protected area. Combining a fire prevention system with an early fire detection system and a risk management system has given us the ideal solution.

Dirk Steinmeyer, Head of IT, Parliament of Lower Saxony, Hanover

Case study

ColocationIX, Bremen (Germany)

Traditional fire protection systems have many disadvantages. Active fire prevention, on the other hand, is IT-friendly and harmless to the health of our employees.

Andres Dickehut, shareholder of ColocationIX GmbH

Case Study

DARZ GmbH, Darmstadt (Germany): Fire protection to ensure data availability

We enhanced our building’s inherent structural protection with the right high-security infrastructure. Our concept is based on avoiding hazards before they can occur. This is also associated with enormous costs. But these dangerous times are especially dangerous for data, which is why we are convinced that our customers appreciate our efforts and investments.

Sergey Mirochnik, Founder and Managing Director, DARZ GmbH

Case study

Telehouse GmbH, Frankfurt on the Main (Germany)

Therefore we have the greatest possible interest in ensuring that our customer servers are operational around the clock 24/7. And this includes, in particular, individual fire protection.

Asko Hamberger, Safety & Security Management Telehouse GmbH

Case study

Areas of application

Transformer stations

Independently operated transformer stations require fire protection that will detect fires automatically and as quickly as possible. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors offer the earliest possible fire detection, giving operators the time they need to suppress fires early on. Remote equipment diagnostics are possible as well.

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Personal protection is the number-one priority here. At the same time, though, it is important the fire protection installations be visually unobtrusive, so that room aesthetics are not affected and guests can put any potential hazards out of mind. Highly sensitive TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors not only eliminate all fire danger by reliably detecting even the smallest traces of smoke, but are also practically invisible and very quiet. The patented ROOM∙IDENT function provides cost-effective monitoring of up to five individual rooms using just one detection unit.

Archives, museums and libraries

Archives, museums and libraries house unique, irreplaceable works, so they require particularly extensive fire protection. High-sensitivity TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors detect fires as quickly as possible, when they are still in the incipient stage, so that appropriate action can be taken immediately. Hidden pipe-system installations and low-noise air sampling smoke detectors ensure that the monitored room is not negatively effected visually or acoustically.

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Hospitals and care homes

When fires break out in care facilities, every second counts so that sick and elderly people can be evacuated in time. It is especially important to have enough time to carry mobility-impaired or bedridden patients to safety or push them out in wheelchairs. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors detect fires early on, giving personnel what may prove to be a lifesaving head start.

Office buildings

Protecting personnel is the number-one priority in office fire protection. Sensitive TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors provide a crucial head start in detecting fires, so that buildings can be evacuated in plenty of time and the fire can be extinguished quickly. These air sampling smoke detectors can even reliably detect pyrolysis gases resulting from electrical defects.

Rail transit

Protecting people, preventing operational interruptions, and protecting investments, assets and infrastructure are all crucial aspects of railway fire protection. High-sensitivity TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors offer reliable early fire detection, so if a fire does occur, there is plenty of time to evacuate the premises and fight the fire.. Fire alarm technology is hidden and thus practically invisible, which also protects it from vandalism.

Automated high-bay storage facility

Buildings 30 metres or more in height, product flows centralised within gigantic logistics centres, and investment-heavy intra-logistics systems: from a fire-engineering point of view, automated high-bay warehouses carry a great deal of fire risk. Early detection using TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors gives operators a crucial head start when fires occur, enabling them to take immediate action. Air sampling smoke detectors also make fire inspections a straightforward process, with no need to interrupt operations, because they do away with the need for numerous individual point-type detectors and can be placed in easily accessible locations, such as on the front side of a storage rack.

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Deep freeze storage facilities

Cold, dry air means that materials stored have very low absolute moisture levels, creating an increased risk of fire. Moreover, even the smallest amounts of smoke can render stored food products unfit for human consumption and sale. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors can detect fires while they are still in the incipient stage, so that they can be suppressed immediately.

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Clean rooms

Active air sampling allows reliable smoke detection despite high-velocity forced air flows. Samples are taken from the room’s exhaust ventilation, ensuring that production-area air remains free of contamination. Air sampling smoke detector maintenance and service personnel can work on the system without entering the clean room. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors are up to 2,000 times more sensitive than point-type smoke detectors, so they can reliably detect fire smoke even in clean rooms’ extremely diluted air.

Data centres

Data centre operators’ number-one priority—the standard they aim to uphold—is to ensure maximum continuous availability of data and computing capacity. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors can detect emerging fires early on, so that operational downtime can be prevented. TITANUS® devices also feature network interface card slots and Ethernet connections so that alarm and malfunction messages can be transmitted directly to the data centre management system. That way, if a pre-alarm is signalled, it can trigger automatic backups of all data, in order to prevent data loss—particularly if power is cut. The internationally recognised "SNMP" (Simple Network Management Protocol) standard has been integrated into the TITANUS® network solution especially for IT areas. This allows IT personnel to be notified immediately of any malfunction or fire incidents within the monitored area.

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EDP systems

Availability is the number-one priority for EDP systems, as they are crucial to all communications and business processes. WAGNER provides solutions for EDP systems with weak or strong ventilation. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors can detect cable breaks or other fires resulting from electrical defects, so that counteractive measures can be taken immediately.

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Production and manufacturing facilities

Protecting personnel and large open industrial and manufacturing areas from fires poses major challenges. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors detect fires early on, so appropriate action can be taken right away. These air sampling smoke detectors are also suitable for use in extreme conditions, such as very dusty or dirty environments, as they are highly secure against false alarms thanks to external dust filters and patented LOGIC·SENS fire pattern recognition technology.

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Conveyor belts

The pipe system is laid on the conveyor belt frame construction, and uses active air sampling along the entire conveyor system to guarantee reliable detection even under changing climate conditions.

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Lifts are not hermetically sealed spaces. Rubbish can fall through cracks into the shaft, where lit cigarettes or electrical defects can ignite it quickly. Installing TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors in lifts ensures that fires will be detected quickly, before smoke concentration reaches critical levels. Acting quickly can save lives.

Recycling plants

Dirt and dust make recycling plants a challenge for fire protection systems. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors provide reliable early fire detection. Air sampling smoke detection system sensitivity can be adapted to individual recycling plant circumstances using different operating modes and programmable background contamination variables. Thanks to graduated filter technology, fire pattern recognition, and a choice of manual or automatic systems to blow pipe systems free, TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors provide maximum security against false alarms.

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TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors do not negatively affect sauna appearance, so they can monitor sauna areas reliably while preserving their “feel-good” aesthetic. Heat and condensing moisture have no effect on the air sampling smoke detectors’ reliability and efficacy.


Personal protection is the number-one priority here. It is also important that fire protection systems remain hidden, so that there is no chance of them being vandalised. Highly sensitive TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors not only eliminate all fire danger by reliably detecting even the smallest traces of smoke, but are also practically invisible and very quiet. The patented ROOM∙IDENT function provides cost-effective monitoring of up to five individual rooms using just one detection unit.

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