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An all-rounder system for a wide variety of applications

WAGNER’s newest aspirating smoke detector, the TITANUS®FUSION, is an affordable high-end aspirating smoke detector that combines decades of experience in early fire detection with innovative engineering. The smoke detection system offers a great deal of planning flexibility: it can reliably monitor a wide range of areas of up to 3,200 m² in size, and can detect even the tiniest quantities of smoke particles early on.

Performance characteristics & advantages

  • Device prepared for installing up to two type DM-TF-xx-L detector modules, compliant with Classes A, B and C in accordance with EN 54-20
  • Depending on variant, with four visual status indicators at the housing front
  • With integrated Apollo bus couplers for connection to fire alarm control panels with XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol® protocols
  • Free slots for easily extending the basic configuration
  • Connection option for alarm indicators
  • Connection sockets for two air sampling pipes with an outer diameter of 25 mm
  • Connection socket for air return
  • Diagnostic tool for extensive service information and hints for troubleshooting
  • Highly sensitive, false alarm-proof smoke detection for mid-sized areas
  • High Power Light Source technology allows normal to extremely high sensitivity
  • Maximum security against false alarms thanks to LOGIC·SENS
  • PIPE·GUARD patented air flow monitoring
  • Detector module with response sensitivity of up to  0.015 % obs./m, 0.1 % obs./m or 0.5 % obs./m
  • Monitors areas up to 3,200 m² in size; max. pipe length of 2 x 160 m with up to 2 x 20 aspirating points
  • Precise air flow monitoring within measuring chamber ensures maximum operational reliability
  • Low operating costs thanks to extremely low power consumption (as low as 140 mA, depending on device type)
  • Optional alarm system with adjustable pre-alarm
  • Plug-and-play system for easy planning and installation
  • Range of DIN EN 54-20/ISO 7240-20 certified accessories
  • Operating temperature range: -30 °C to +60 °C (SILENT version: 0 °C to +40 °C)
  • Usable in very dusty environments thanks to (optional) filter concept
  • SILENT version (23 dB(A) and up) for noise-critical areas

Equipment and usage features