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The air sampling smoke detector that can tell what’s burning

The TITANUS MULTI·SENS® can tell what’s really burning and what merely seems that way. The MULTI·SENS® can filter out the most common causes of false alarms, such as tobacco smoke and dust, as interference variables. Programming deceptive particles/aerosols into your air sampling smoke detection system helps you finally get application-specific false alarms under control. The TITANUS MULTI·SENS®’s precise detection results enable situation-specific fire suppression: optimised concentrations of extinguishing gas, staged extinguishing, and appropriate response scenarios.

With the TITANUS MULTI·SENS® air sampling smoke detector, you won’t just know that there’s a fire—you’ll also know what’s burning. Its innovative new optical 4D detection process analyses smoke particles in order to identify fire patterns and materials. Having this information makes new protection concepts possible and allows operators to take coordinated action.
At the same time, the TITANUS MULTI·SENS® also offers maximum security against false alarms: deceptive, smoke-like interference variables can be programmed into the system, in order to rule out the possibility of false alarms and thereby prevent operational downtime or unnecessary fire brigade calls.


  • Know what’s burning and what only appears to be.
  • Selective detection according to your needs.
  • The TITANUS MULTI·SENS® features a graded alarm-activation concept with up to three alarms per detector module.
  • Smoke levels can optionally be displayed on the unit as a bar graph.
  • An extensive range of DIN EN 54-20 certified accessories allow operators to tailor their systems to their individual needs.
  • The system’s modular design makes it a customisable and cost-effective solution.
  • TITANUS®PipeXpress Secure project planning and configuration is just five mouse clicks away.
  • The plug-and-play design saves time on commissioning.

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