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Special extinguishing agent for EDP systems

Providing computer systems and data centres with risk-appropriate protection means suppressing fires quickly and effectively, without leaving residue. The extinguishing agent FK-5-1-12, also known under the brand name Novec™ 1230, extracts the heat energy from the source of the fire. This extinguishes the fire within a very short time. FK-5-1-12 extinguishing agent is electrically non-conductive and requires less space to stock the extinguishing agent.

FK-5-1-12 as an extinguishing gas

  • Extinguishes extremely quickly with a flooding time of max. 10 seconds
  • Does not conduct electricity
  • Requires pressure relief surfaces similar in size to those of soft-flooding systems using inert gases
  • Less space required to store extinguishing agent supplies
  • Requires only a brief preliminary warning period
  • Can be used in single- or multi-area systems
  • Not hazardous to human health at concentrations required for extinguishing

1. Air sampling smoke detector system: continuously analyses the room air actively by taking air samples and detects even minimal smoke production as early as possible.
2. Pressure relief: Prevents an impermissible rise in pressure when the extinguishing zone is being flooded
3. Gas extinguishing nozzles: Distribute extinguishing gas uniformly throughout the extinguishing area
4. Smoke detectors: Monitor the extinguishing zone and send an alarm to the extinguishing control panel if smoke is detected
5. Acoustic and optical alarm devices: Ensure that everyone is able to evacuate the protected area during the preliminary warning period
6. Fire detection / extinguishing control panel: Processes fire detection signals, triggers alarm and floods the extinguishing zone after the specified pre-warning period
7. Extinguishing cylinders: The extinguishing agent FK-5-1-12 is supplied in liquid state in extremely space-saving containers of up to 140 litres with a 50 bar nitrogen cushion