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VisuLAN® risk management system

Integral safety and property management system

In dangerous situations such as fires, it is important to keep track of what’s going on, and to be able to respond as quickly as possible. The wide variety of technical systems and equipment used in today’s buildings calls for a modern, comprehensive safety and security concept. Effectively coordinating all systems through a single control unit is the only way to ensure maximum transparency while preventing security risks. The VisuLAN® risk management system (based on WinGuard) helps make this happen by combining a wide range of security-related systems into a single control interface.

The software provides a comprehensive user interface for monitoring all safety, building-services, and communications technology as well as IT infrastructure centrally. Scenarios for any number of different danger situations are defined in advance, along with specific responses and counteractive measures. That way, if a fire breaks out, a break-in occurs, or a technical system fails, it is possible to react appropriately within seconds. Processes are coordinated in order to reduce the possibility of operator error. VisuLAN® works equipment- and manufacturer-independently, and offers a variety of interface modules so that different systems can be combined effectively.

Minimise damage with the VisuLAN® risk management system

Functional principle

The VisuLAN® open software platform integrates all building and risk management systems, regardless of manufacturer; it collects event information from various safety and information systems, and displays this information within a central user interface. Users only need to learn one programme in order to manage and monitor all of these technical systems centrally. Because the system is so easy to use, it minimises the risk of operator error even in hectic situations.


  • Manufacturer-independent
    500 manufacturer-independent interfaces ensure that all technical units can be controlled and inspected by a single system.
  • Structured processes
    Action steps are predefined so you can act correctly in an emergency.
  • Trans-locational
    Trans-locational control unit for multiple independent VisuLAN® systems.
  • Flexible configuration
    The modular system configuration keeps pace with the development of your company: From a single-user system to a networked solution.
  • Redundancy
    Unrestricted effectiveness if the main server fails. The processes are system-secured.

Perfect interplay of the security systems

The VisuLAN® risk management system enables cross-domain integration of the entire security, building and communication technology as well as the IT infrastructure. It connects and links technical systems from different manufacturers in a uniform interface and thus serves as a central operating and control unit to display system statuses, messages and faults transparently in real time and to manage them across systems.

Reference projects

Lenbach House, Munich (Germany): Risk management system protects modern art

VisuLAN® makes it possible to control a wide variety of (often highly complex) systems centrally. This transparency ensures that user error no longer occurs, even in hectic situations.

Wagner Group GmbH

Océ Printing Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Poing (Germany): Manufacturer-independent networking of security systems

Even though our technical systems are all made by different manufacturers, we can control them centrally using a single system. VisuLAN® makes our work significantly easier in that regard.

Harald Metzger, Technical Facility Management, Océ Printing Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Areas of application

Public buildings

The wide variety of technical systems and equipment used in public buildings calls for a modern, comprehensive safety and security concept. Effectively coordinating all systems through a single control unit is the only way to ensure maximum transparency while preventing security risks. VisuLAN® X3 is an open software platform allowing users to operate a wide variety of systems in a uniform, intuitive way, which minimises the risk of operator errors even in hectic situations.

Office buildings

Office buildings often use a wide variety of building services, security and communications systems. Having a modern, centrally controlled security management system is essential to keeping track of this level of complexity. VisuLAN®’s uniquely user-friendly interface makes monitoring, managing and documenting these different systems child’s play. Thanks to its open system structure, VisuLAN® can be expanded step-by-step from a single-user system to a comprehensive network solution—one workstation, interface or function module at a time.


Holidaymakers and business travellers don’t just book hotel rooms—they book comfortable, stress-free time. Technical system malfunctions can rob them of this, which can quickly damage a hotel’s image. The VisuLAN® risk management system makes it possible to manage a wide variety of technical systems centrally. Heating and air conditioning system status, lift controls, fire alarm systems, and other building services can all be combined into a single, clear interface, so users can view current system status, handle notification messages centrally, and follow predefined instructions quickly and confidently when alarms are triggered.

Museums, archives and libraries

Museums, archives and libraries often use high-sensitivity safety and security equipment— everything from burglar alarm systems to access controls to climate-control and humidification technology. VisuLAN® makes it possible to network a wide range of technical systems and manage them centrally. It documents all notification messages and events in real time, and the system guides the user through defined process instructions via its intuitive interface, ensuring that users always have all relevant system information under control and available at a glance.

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