What makes us unique

The WAGNER Group GmbH has been developing and realising technical fire prevention systems since 1976, and has established itself internationally as an expert in innovative fire protection solutions. Individual customer needs are always at the top of WAGNER’s list of priorities. We provide each of our customers with a customised fire prevention concept and a fire protection solution tailored to their goals and the property under protection, all based on WAGNER’s successful systems:

  • Future-safe, reliable fire detection systems
  • Earliest possible fire detection using air sampling smoke detectors (TITANUS®)
  • Active fire prevention using oxygen reduction as a prophylactic method of fire protection (OxyReduct®)
  • Efficient, non-damaging gas extinguishing technology (FirExting®)
  • Central fire-risk management using VisuLAN® security system software

We’re solution providers. That’s very, very important to us. We don't supply products, we supply solutions.

Torsten Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director

Our standards are our motivation

Our high quality standards and unceasing efforts in pursuit of optimisation and perfection are the successful drivers of our in-house research and development work, which has resulted in over 700 patents thus far. As a technological leader in the field of early fire detection and active fire prevention, WAGNER provides customers worldwide with complete solutions from a single source:

  • Research & development
  • Consultation & planning
  • System engineering & commissioning
  • Service & maintenance

WAGNER’s fire prevention solutions protect a wide range of applications, such as data centres and IT, telecommunications facilities, storage and logistics centres, archives, museums, administration buildings, production halls, rail vehicles, hotels and many more.

Managing Partners

WAGNER is a family business managed by founder Dipl. Ing. Werner Wagner and his son, Dipl. Ing. Torsten Wagner. The two Managing Directors are always in pursuit of one goal: protecting customers from the risks and consequences of fires.

Werner Wagner

is a graduate in telecommunications engineering. But more than that, he is a visionary, a tinkerer and an inventor. Company founder Werner Wagner is a straightforward man with an impressive wealth of innovative ideas. His pioneering spirit and total commitment to helping the company advance mean that he never forgets his employees, either. Wagner, recipient of the 2016 Family Business Owner of the Year award, treasures dedication, inspires confidence and motivates others to give their best.

We can protect things that are irreplaceable. Our mission is to keep carving new paths as we do so.

Werner Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director

Torsten Wagner

played an active role within his father’s company even before and during his electrical engineering studies. He joined the company fully in 1996, and now serves as Second Managing Director, heading the Technology, Purchasing and Logistics divisions. His exceptional technical expertise and process-oriented mindset are instrumental to the company’s development.

It is important to us to remain a family-owned company.

Torsten Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director