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From engineering office to international systems manufacturers

“Dedicated fighting spirit” and “total commitment to finding solutions” are a couple of the phrases used to describe Werner Wagner, our company founder and Managing Director. These traits were probably also what convinced his mother to provide the freshly minted electrical engineer with the start-up capital he needed to found his engineering office, Werner Wagner, Alarm- und Fernmeldetechnik.

Thus, the now 46-year-old WAGNER Group GmbH began its success story in a home basement. One particularly significant company milestone was the first major order it received, a three-million-mark deal to develop a lighting, video monitoring and detection system for the outdoor areas of the Gorleben nuclear interim storage facility. “The contract exceeded all of our expectations,” Wagner recalls. “What convinced the customers on the Gorleben project was the sophisticated protection concept—even a GSG9 squad was unable to get past the system. That was a big step forward for us.”

Today, the family-owned business employs around 700 people, and generated about yearly €112 in sales. WAGNER is the world’s technological market leader in early fire detection and fire prevention; son Torsten Wagner, who has been a Managing Director for years now, will one day succeed his father as the head of the company. As always, WAGNER’s standards remain its objective: to give companies around the world more safety and security through innovative fire protection!


2020 Strong market position despite Covid 19 challenges

  • Management team strengthened: Steffen Springer complements the Management Board and takes over responsibility for Technology and Sales.
  • Mastering the Covid 19 pandemic under the motto "We stand by your side": WAGNER Group ensures service and communication with customers and partners in compliance with health protection requirements.
  • Ensure independence: In the financial year 2019/20, the company's total operating revenue of €107 million will exceed the €100 million threshold for the first time in its history.
  • ISO 20338: First global standard on oxygen reduction in fire protection comes into force; with the participation of the WAGNER Group in the responsible standardisation committees.

2019 Focus on strategy and mission statement "We are WAGNER.2026"

  • Continuous growth as trend-setting technology leader on the domestic market: Foundation of WAGNER Deutschland GmbH, the merger of all German branch offices under the responsibility of the Managing Directors Markus Kock and Reiner Milski.
  • Strengthening as a reliable partner worldwide: Founding of subsidiaries in Canada and Singapore.

2017 Early fire detection protects unique cultural site

  • In Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, the foyer, the Great Hall, the Small Hall and Kaistudio 1 are continuously monitored for smoke aerosols by TITANUS TOP∙SENS® air sampling smoke detectors.  

2016 Family Business Owner of the Year: Werner Wagner and 40 years of WAGNER

  • The Association of Family Entrepreneurs and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs select Managing Director Werner Wagner as the Family Business Owner of the Year.

2015-14 International leap: Major contracts in the United States and Canada

  • An international customer brings us along across the pond, trusting our OxyReduct® active fire prevention system to protect its gigantic deep freeze storage facility in Canada.
  • OxyReduct® reliably protects Preferred Freezer Services’s frozen goods from fire risks in Richland, USA, at the country’s largest high-bay warehouse.

2014-13 Award-winning products

  • German Data Centre award: WAGNER wins the German Data Centre Award for the second time. This time, the prize is awarded to TITANUS MULTI.SENS® in the “Safety and Security” category.
  • Préventica awards Innovation Prize to OxyReduct® Compact; GIT Safety award for energy-saving VPSA nitrogen generation technology.

2011 Technological leap forward in energy efficiency

  • OxyReduct® fire prevention’s VPSA technology allows energy savings of up to 80%.

2009 The next generation; TITANUS® systems in space

  • Torsten Wagner becomes the second Managing Director of the WAGNER Group GmbH.
  • The International Space Station uses a TITANUS MICRO·SENS® air sampling smoke detection system to protect its cutting-edge, highly sensitive laboratory and measuring instruments.

2006 Protecting the Bolshoi Theatre

2004 Major Order from Telekom and VdS recognition

  • German Telekom submitted their first job order to WAGNER about 10 years ago. Nowadays, TITANUS®-family systems are protecting the technical installations at hundreds of Telekom locations.
  • OxyReduct® fire prevention technology is awarded VdS (Organization of Property Insurers) certification, meaning it can be brought onto the market.

2000 Expansion begins

  • WAGNER founds its first subsidiary in Austria. Additional subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and the USA follow between 2000 and 2015.

1998 Railway fire protection; ideas for active fire prevention

  • WAGNER Bayern GmbH implements the company’s first fire protection project involving railway vehicles. Numerous international projects follow, such as the Munich Underground, the Algo High Speed Train in Saudi Arabia and the Stadler Aeroexpress in Moscow.
  • The impetus to our next innovation: A report in a laboratory magazine about a system that manufactures nitrogen for laboratories inspires the company to develop OxyReduct® technology, which uses nitrogen to lower oxygen levels in a controlled way and thus prevents fires from developing in the first place.

1997 In-house development of measuring chamber for air sampling smoke detectors

  • For the first time, WAGNER develops and constructs its own measurement chambers, installing them into its new series of air sampling smoke detectors.

1996 relocation and new generation

  • The ever-growing company moves to larger premises on Schleswig Street in Langenhagen. Son Torsten Wagner joins the company.

1994 Pioneers in the field of extinguishing technology

  • WAGNER becomes the first German provider with German Association of Property Insurer system and installer certification to bring nitrogen onto the market as a natural, inert extinguishing agent.

1986 First air sampling smoke detector

  • Having developed its first air sampling smoke detector for early fire detection, WAGNER unveils the technology at Security, the world’s leading security and fire-protection trade fair, in Essen, Germany.

1985 Orientation towards fire protection

  • WAGNER equips dvg, one of Germany’s largest data centres at the time, with an outdoor surveillance system. After a fire breaks out at the data centre and the installed smoke detectors do not react, Werner Wagner builds a detection unit that can reliably detect fires within any of the individual pieces of IT technology equipment in the room.

1982-84 First large-scale order

  • WAGNER gets its first major order, an outdoor surveillance system including lighting, video monitoring and detection. Contract volume: three million German marks.

1976 Company foundation

  • At age 30, Werner Wagner goes into business for himself, founding an engineering office in Winsen (Aller) by the name of Werner Wagner, Alarm- und Fernmeldetechnik (Werner Wagner, Alarm and Telecommunications Technology).