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Fire protection at LogiMAT India

  • Fire protection: Key topic of “Conference on Transport Management” at LogiMAT India
  • Frank Siedler to speak about temperature control solutions on February 29 at 2.30 p.m.: Active fire protection safeguards deep-freeze warehouses
  • WAGNER Fire Safety India presents holistic fire protection solutions at stand 9D43

Langenhagen.  LogiMAT India in Delhi opens its doors from February 28 to March 1, 2024. The trade show will also host a specialist conference on transport management. Fire protection is a crucial aspect of this sector. After all, if a fire breaks out and spreads uncontrollably, it can prevent manufacturers, warehouse operators, and transport companies from achieving their most important goals, such as ensuring 24/7 availability of goods and logistics processes. The consequences can be severe. Frank Siedler, Account Director at the German fire protection company WAGNER, and specialist for deep-freeze applications, will be presenting and discussing solutions to address this issue in a panel discussion on February 29 at 2.30 p.m. in Conference Hall 2 at India Exposition Mart Limited (IEML).

Temperature-sensitive frozen and fresh goods must be available around the clock worldwide. It is essential that the supply and cold chains are not interrupted at any time. The construction and operation of deep-freeze and distribution warehouses follow economic success criteria and also take sustainability and globalization into account. As the importance of centralized and fully automated logistics centers grows, so does the need for effective fire protection.

The risk factors in a deep-freeze warehouse are manifold: in the cold and very dry air, wooden pallets and packaging materials are highly flammable; the same applies to flammable insulation materials. Technical defects, e.g. in switch cabinets, cooling units, cranes or vacuum packaging systems, can trigger fires. The design of storage rooms with ever larger dimensions, narrow and high aisles and ever smaller spaces between shelves facilitates the rapid spread of fire and makes it difficult to extinguish using conventional systems or the fire department in the event of a fire. Fire, smoke, soot or extinguishing water contaminated with antifreeze cause time-critical interruptions to operations, loss of goods and damage to technology.

In this panel discussion, Frank Siedler will explain how easy it is to implement preventive fire protection. The solution is the OxyReduct® active fire prevention system, which can withstand the extreme conditions in deep-freeze warehouses. Under defined conditions, it prevents the development or spread of fire by introducing nitrogen into the protected area. The nitrogen is homogeneously distributed, even in compact storage situations, creating a protective atmosphere in which oxygen is reduced to such an extent that the risk of fire is greatly minimized. Fire cannot start or spread if there is insufficient oxygen in the air, the protected area can still be accessed by personnel, however. This technology protects personnel from injury while at the same time protecting goods and equipment from fire-related downtime and the consequences of extinguishing agent damage. The supply chains remain intact. Additionally, Frank Siedler will talk about how the nitrogen is produced sustainably on site from the ambient air in the amount required, also showcasing that the system can be installed in a space-saving manner.

At LogiMAT India, WAGNER will be presenting holistic fire protection solutions for automated high-bay warehouses at stand 9D43 – with active fire prevention and highly sensitive TITANUS® aspirating smoke detectors, among other systems for fire protection. Trade show visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the efficiency of the OxyReduct® active fire prevention system live on site: They can try to use a lighter in WAGNER´s compact cabin with an oxygen-reduced atmosphere – they won´t be successful. It is not possible to ignite a fire here.

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