The majority holding of the Norwegian Hypoxic Technologies AS has been held in the hands of the international plant engineer WAGNER Group GmbH since 15th May 2017. Like Hypoxic Technologies, the company specialises in active fire prevention via oxygen reduction, called OxyReduct®. Hypoxic Technologies will distribute WAGNER's OxyReduct® technology in the Scandinavian market. Together with WAGNER Group the company will expand the local product portfolio: fire detection (TITANUS®) and fire extinguishing (FirExting®) will be part of the future expansion.

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Oxygen reduction systems protect high value concentrations and critical processes

Fire protection for different industries

OxyReduct® for active fire prevention

Oxygen reduction is an ideal solution for active fire prevention. The principle is based on the phenomena, that a fire needs heat, material and oxygen to break out. If there is less oxygen in the atmosphere, fire will simply be deprived of the air it needs. OxyReduct® uses this principle.

Whereas conventional fire systems react once a fire has broken out, OxyReduct® starts way earlier and thus ensures maximum safety. The approved OxyReduct® prevention system feeds the inert gas nitrogen into the protected area. Therefore, the oxygen concentration consistently levels below the ignition threshold of the material to be protected. This avoids long-term consequences of a fire like economic harm, loss of customers and image damage.

WAGNER Group as professional partner


  • International
    The WAGNER Group company offers its expertise worldwide with subsidiaries, branch offices and partners.
  • Experience
    Hypoxic Technologies will profit from the experience in the fire protection branch. WAGNER covers the complete service portfolio for its customers.
  • Expertise
    WAGNER is a global technology leader in the field of fire detection & fire prevention. The Scandinavian market will benefit from the expert knowledge.
  • Own R&D
    Hypoxic Technologies will receive intensive support from WAGNER's own research & development department.
  • Individual
    The complete product range of WAGNER gives the possibility for individual and optimal fire protection concepts tailored to customer requirements.
Hypoxic Technologies AS and WAGNER Group managing board

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Hypoxic Technologies AS
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Tel. +47 48 3230 00

Eivind Elnan (Managing Director)
Eivind Elnan (Managing Director)
Jon Olav Vikan Technical Manager
Jon Olav Vikan (Technical Manager)

Who is the WAGNER Group?

The WAGNER Group GmbH is an established international as well as innovative provider of fire protection solutions and systems. The engineering company offers everything from a single source. With more than 525 employees (per 31st March 2017) and a consolidated overall performance of about €85 million in the financial year 2015/2016, the company is continuing its expansive development - and Hypoxic Technologies is part of this expansion.

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