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Dry air and condensing humidity require ice-cold fire protection
Give fires the cold shoulder with WAGNER solutions
Keep frozen goods ready to deliver and enjoy at all times
with OxyReduct® active fire prevention

Fire protection in a deep-freeze warehouse

Causes and risks of fire in deep-freeze storage

A fire in a deep-freeze warehouse? That may seem illogical at first, since cold and ice conjure up associations quite the opposite to fire and heat. But fire protection is a major issue in refrigeration and deep-freeze logistics. The dry air inside cold storage facilities increases the risk of fire. Temperatures inside such warehouses can be as low as -28 °C, resulting in low air humidity levels that can facilitate the outbreak of fires. The wooden pallets and packaging materials commonly used to store goods are highly inflammable in the dry air. Increased automation carries additional fire risks: cable breaks, overheating conveyor motors on pickers and belts, and technical defects in refrigeration units or vacuum packaging equipment all represent potential fire hazards. And the insulation materials installed in deep-freeze storage facilities, such as mineral wool or Styrofoam, can pose fire dangers as well. The high, narrow spaces between racks in these ever-larger cold storage facilities help fires spread quickly, while also making it difficult for conventional extinguishing systems or the fire brigade to put fires out. As such, the most effective solution for cold storage facilities is to prevent fires from developing and spreading in the first place.

Protect the supply chain - rely on active fire prevention

Prevent fires rather than regulating damage

Intelligent and reliable fire protection systems that can withstand the extreme conditions inside deep-freeze storage facilities ensure preservation of the supply chain, and protect cold and deep-freeze warehouses against fire-related downtime.


WAGNER is the number-one specialist in innovative, individual fire protection concepts. Our expertise is reflected in the large-scale international projects we have realised for customers like apetito, Eisbär, Coppenrath & Wiese, and Dr. Oetker.


  • Fire protection
    Preventative fire protection instead of damage control through conventional systems.
  • Cold-resistant
    Be it condensation or ice, WAGNER’s systems are designed for reliable operation under the toughest environmental conditions.
  • No consequential damage
    Active fire prevention eliminates damage to goods caused by extinguishing water containing antifreeze.
  • Space-saving
    Compact systems from WAGNER allow you to take advantage of the warehouse’s full storage capacity.
  • Adjustable
    The systems can be flexibly adapted to the new conditions after changes in use.

Reference projects

EDNA International GmbH, Brehna (Germany): Comprehensive fire protection for a new, state-of-the-art deep-freeze high-bay storage facility

OxyReduct® VPSA helps us save on operating costs while still maintaining a high standard of safety.

Norbert Meitinger, Managing Director, EDNA International GmbH

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KLM Logistik, Rheine (Germany): WAGNER fire protection solution protects Germany’s largest fully automatic high-bay deep-freeze storage facility

The solution speaks for itself: in our new high-bay cold storage warehouse, nothing can burn thanks to active fire prevention using oxygen reduction. Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the VPSA technology installed, we not only score big in terms of security, we also keep operation costs down.

Georg Grewe, Managing Director, KLM Logistik

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Preferred Freezer Services, Richland (USA): Minimising fire-related risk in the food industry

Our warehouse has to be operational 24/7 no matter what. We can’t afford interruptions of any kind. This is what made WAGNER’s OxyReduct® active fire prevention system the most suitable fire protection solution for us.

Burnie Taylor, General Manager, Preferred Freezer Services

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Thomas Fürtig, operations manager of Eisbär Eis (Germany): Active fire prevention protects deep-freeze high-bay warehouses and ensures operational readiness

Business disruption is an absolute no-go. For us, it is about the safety of the warehouse and protecting the new investment. Because the availability of our products always has top priority.

Thomas Fürtig, operations manager of Eisbär Eis

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