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Fire extinguishing with FirExting®

Protect goods and assets from fire with gas extinguishing technology

To WAGNER, comprehensive fire protection concepts include both early fire detection and effective fire suppression. Aside from personal safety, protecting assets and operational procedures are top priorities during the extinguishing process, which is why this process must be adapted perfectly to the circumstances it will be used in, and must not cause any consequential damage itself. In places with high concentrations of goods and assets, using water as an extinguishing agent would cause massive amounts of damage. This is why WAGNER’s FirExting® fire extinguishing systems rely exclusively upon gas extinguishing technology—which means they extinguish with no side effects! After all, suitable extinguishing gases can quickly and reliably stop combustion processes without causing damage and leaving residue on buildings, equipment and goods.

Extinguish fires effectively, with no residue

Functional principle

FirExting® gas extinguishing systems fight fires effectively while also providing optimum protection for property and inventory. They eliminate extinguishing-related damage, such as is often caused by water, water fog or foam. This is because gas extinguishing works by taking away the fire’s basic needs: The extinguishing gases either stifle the source of the fire by displacing oxygen from the air around it (as is the case with liquefied and non-liquefied inert gases or carbon dioxide), or they deprive the fire of the heat energy it needs (as with the chemical extinguishing agent FK-5-1-12). Either way, they leave no residue.


In 1994, as an innovator in the field of extinguishing technology, WAGNER became one of the first companies to introduce nitrogen onto the market as an extinguishing agent, and was the first to receive VdS systems and installer certification for the method.


  • Free of side-effects
    Effective extinguishing without residue and consequential damages caused by extinguishing agents.
  • Sustainable
    Rapid refilling: Inert gases are effectively available in unlimited supply, since they are parts of the ambient air.
  • Adaptable
    Variable system configuration for one or more protected areas to the selection of the right extinguishing gas.
  • Less short circuiting
    Extinguishing gases do not conduct electricity.
  • Non-toxic
    The only possible danger can be caused by extreme O2 reduction in the extinguishing process.
  • Savings potential
    Gas extinguishing offers savings potential in comparison with other extinguishing technologies.
  • Fast
    Processes can be resumed very quickly after the extinguishing process.

Reference projects

DARZ GmbH: Maximum safety and security for preventative fire protection in Germany’s most structurally secure data centre

Our concept is based on avoiding hazards before they can occur.

Sergey Mirochnik, Founder and Managing Director, DARZ GmbH

to Application Report

Museum für Naturkunde (nature study), Berlin (Germany): Fire protection in archives

A gas extinguishing system with nitrogen in our case represents the absolutely right choice. The deletion takes place without residue and is thus perfectly matched to the premises.

Dr. Peter Bartsch, responsible department manager and curator for the collection of the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

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