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Earliest Smoke Detection Behind the Scenes

Protection objectives

  • Personnel protection
    Employees and visitors not familiar with the location must be protected from fire at all times.
  • Protection of the archite
    The baroque architecture must be protected against fire and damage caused by fire.
  • Property protection
    Valuable stage sets and musical instruments must be safely protected against fire and consequential damage caused by fire.

Aesthetic appeal unaffected

One significant advantage of TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors compared with conventional smoke detectors is that they can be aesthetically integrated into the architecture without onlookers noticing they are even there. Consequently, low-noise air sampling smoke detectors influence neither the visual nor acoustic properties of this glamorous baroque theatre.

Highly sensitive air sampling smoke detectors continuously take air samples from the ambient air which are then supplied to a sensitive detector module within the air sampling smoke detector. Optical scattered light smoke detectors then analyse the air samples for tiny smoke particles. This enables the earliest possible fire detection and safeguards action can be taken to combat the fire in due time. The system simultaneously provides reliable, very high levels of immunity against false alarms. Thanks to the use of TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors we can protect irreplaceable historic and cultural assets as well as human life.

Roberto Langenhan, Technical Director, Castle Theatre Celle

Apart from protecting the architecture, the safety of our staff and the audience (who may be unfamiliar with the facility) are paramountop.