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The most sensitive aspirating smoke detector around

The TITANUS SUPER·SENS® is the most sensitive of all of our TITANUS® models. It is designed for particularly challenging detection situations, such as highly climate-controlled areas or clean rooms (for computer chip production, for example). Depending on the version selected, the TITANUS SUPER·SENS® can be set to display sensitivity levels as high as 0.0025 % obs./m—making it up to 2,000 times more sensitive than conventional optical smoke detectors.

A network-compatible version of the TITANUS SUPER·SENS® is also available. It has 24 aspirating points. Because it is used in clean-room situations, it does not require fire pattern recognition technology, as false alarms cannot occur. Its exceptional sensitivity is thanks to proven, innovative HPLS technology. The TITANUS SUPER·SENS® is available in versions for clean rooms (2x sensitivity) and high-grade clean rooms (4x sensitivity). The galvanic version is a good choice for corrosive environments.

Performance characteristics & advantages

  • Approved in accordance with EN 54-20, Classes A,B and C
  • Up to 24 sampling points possible
  • Five visual status indicators at the housing front for „operation“, „info alarm“, „pre-alarm“, „main alarm“and „fault“
  • Bargraph display for visual indication of currentsmoke level
  • Eight dry alarm and fault contacts for connection to any kind of fire alarm control panel
  • Monitoring of the connected pipe system for breakage and clogging
  • Fast commissioning thanks to automated initialization
  • Easy extension of the basic configuration
  • Prepared for accommodating an Ethernet network module for integration into hazard management systems
  • Connection option for remote display
  • Connection option for air return via type RA-AD2pipe adapter
  • Diagnostic tool for extensive service information and hints for troubleshooting
  • The aspirating smoke detection systems are available with bar-graph smoke level indicators and/or parallel display connections.
  • They also have a network card slot to allow Ethernet or SNMP network configuration.
  • If desired, they can be configured with graded alarm activation—up to three alarms per detector module.
  • TITANUS® PipeXpress Secure project planning and configuration is just five clicks of the mouse away.
  • The plug-and-play system saves time on commissioning.

Equipment and usage features