WAGNER at Security Essen 2016


“Visions Become Reality” is the motto under which WAGNER will be presenting at the 27th Security Essen, to be held September 27-30, 2016. WAGNER’s stand at the world’s most important security and fire protection trade fair will feature innovative, future-safe fire prevention solutions, including air sampling smoke detectors, extinguishing technology, fire prevention and fire risk management.
The new developments draw upon the company’s forty years of experience in systems manufacturing, as well as the expertise of its in-house Research and Development department.

Just as visions become reality again and again, the WAGNER Group GmbH has proven itself over and over throughout its forty-year success story— a success story that began in a basement near Hanover, and is now being written all over the world. In 1997, WAGNER developed its first air sampling smoke detector incorporating the High Power Light Source optical detection method to ensure the earliest possible smoke detection. Then, as now, the company numbered among the world’s technological leaders in highly sensitive, false alarm-proof air sampling smoke detectors. Marketed under the TITANUS® brand, this broad, modular range of products has the perfect solution for any situation.

At this year’s Security, WAGNER will be unveiling the TITANUS®FUSION, a new all-rounder that combines the successful TITANUS® family’s many advantages, such as LOGIC·SENS smoke development patterning and PIPE·GUARD air flow monitoring. The air sampling smoke detector can be used even in dusty environments, and is accurate to temperatures as low as -30° C. It can monitor areas up to 3,200 m² in size, and is available in sensitivity levels of 0.5, 0.1, and 0.015 % obs./m.

This year, WAGNER is also introducing the TITANUS MULTI·SENS®, a pioneering system designed for areas where specific deceptive phenomena (such as cigarette smoke, theatrical fog or dust) can trigger false alarms. This new self-teaching air sampling smoke detector can tell the difference between false alarms—such as theatre fog or cigarette smoke—and real fires. Security Essen visitors can experience this innovative, multi-dimensional optical detection system live in fire experiments.

WAGNER is also a visionary when it comes to extinguishing technology: As early as 1994, WAGNER became Germany’s first VdS (Association of Property Insurers)-approved provider to market solutions using nitrogen as a naturally inert extinguishing agent. At Security Essen, WAGNER will be presenting another innovative new development in this direction: On-site refilling of extinguishing cylinders using nitrogen generated from the ambient air. Nitrogen is the primary component of our atmosphere, comprising 78% vol. of the air we breathe, so it can be generated cost efficiently anywhere as needed. Refilling was never this fast or this easy: The nitrogen extinguishing system remains continuously available in a backup function, and the technology eliminates the need for laborious cylinder replacement work.

WAGNER’s vision of employing nitrogen as an extinguishing agent gave rise to yet another innovation: the OxyReduct®active fire prevention system. “My idea was to alter the atmosphere in protected areas from the very beginning, to make it extremely difficult or impossible for fires to start,” explains Managing Director Werner Wagner, Dipl. Ing. “It all stemmed from the fact that our customers fear fires more than anything.” The introduction of this new technology at the end of the 1990s transformed the fire prevention market, as WAGNER began offering OxyReduct® active fire prevention rather than reactive extinguishing solutions. Back then, it was a revolutionary vision; today, it is a standard solution in libraries, museums, the storage and logistics sector, and IT centres. After all, no company can afford to lose valuable goods, data availability, or delivery capacity. Oxygen-reduced atmospheres, up close and personal WAGNER’s exhibit at Security Essen will be featuring the newest generation of OxyReduct® models: The powerful, compact, modular OxyReduct® P-line for protecting large areas.

Around 500 dedicated employees at 18 locations contribute research and development, service, project planning, and plant engineering work to help WAGNER realise customised fire prevention systems. In recognition of his exceptional business achievements, founder and Managing Director Werner Wagner was awarded Family Business Owner of the Year in 2016. “With their pioneering spirit in researching innovating fire prevention systems, their high standards of quality, and their regulated succession planning, the WAGNER Group makes important contributions to the safety of companies all over the world,” said Kay Uplegger, Regional Head of Die Familienunternehmer e. V. (Association of Family Business Owners), during the awards ceremony at Leibniz University in Hanover.

WAGNER’s exhibit in Hall 3 at Stand 3D44 will be based on the theme of Visions Become Reality.

Pressemitteilung WAGNER auf der security 2016