WAGNER Rail at InnoTrans 2016


From September 20 to 23, 2016, WAGNER Rail will be presenting its newest fire protection systems at the world’s leading international trade fair for transportation technology, InnoTrans.

Don’t miss these trade fair highlights:

Compact water fog system
The new compact water fog system is an innovation to compensate for operational failures. It provides an ideal solution for one of the most common causes of fire alarms in passenger areas: smoking in toilets. This triggers the fire alarm, causing the train’s extinguishing agent supply to be emptied into the toilet area. But once the train’s extinguishing agent supplies have been exhausted, it is no longer possible to guarantee sufficient fire protection for passengers in other areas. The train is forced to stop at the next station and evacuate the passengers, which is annoying for them and a financial disaster for the rail company.
The new compact water fog system, on the other hand, operates autonomously, and is designed for smaller protected areas. The space-saving installation protects toilets with a separate, appropriately dimensioned supply of extinguishing water fog. If a fire is detected, only that section of the train is extinguished. Its remaining supply of extinguishing agent remains untouched, so continued fire protection is guaranteed for other passengers— which means nothing will be standing in the way of the train continuing its journey.

Innovative fire detection control panel and false alarm-proof multi-criteria detectors
The new multi-criteria detector is secure against false alarms due to interference factors such as dust, insecticides and various sprays. It either can be used autonomously, as a stand-alone detector, or connected to a CAN bus data line to become part of a complete fire detection and suppression system. At its heart is the new DIN EN 501- and DIN EN 50129 SIL-2-approved fire detection control panel, which can monitor two loops with 32 addressable loop elements apiece with its internal CAN bus. In the event of an alarm, it can notify the conductor, localise the fire, and activate WAGNER fire suppression system technology. The new central controller also features direct connections to the Ethernet interface and the train bus via CAN-open.

As the technological leaders in the field of air sampling smoke detectors, WAGNER has put years of development work into its most recently unveiled innovation. The TITANUS MULTI.SENS<sup/>®combines maximum activation sensitivity—it is more than 2,000 times more sensitive than conventional point-type fire detectors—with an innovative multi-dimensional detection method. The new detector can tell the difference between false alarms and real fires. With this intelligent technology, WAGNER is creating entirely new alarm concepts for trains. InnoTrans visitors can experience this functionality for themselves in live fire tests.

WAGNER Rail will be presenting its fire protection concepts in Hall 5.2 at Stand 524. InnoTrans visitors can also visit the SwissRail stand in Hall 2.2 to experience WAGNER’s water fog technology live.