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Case study: KLM

Fire Prevention from WAGNER Protects Fully Automated Deep-Freeze High-Bay Warehouse in a Class of its Own

Active fire prevention OxyReduct® from WAGNER protects KLM's deep-freeze high-bay warehouse in Rheine (Germany) from the dangers of fire since 2013.

When commissioned in May 2013, KLM’s deep-freeze high-bay warehouse was the largest of its kind in Germany. Located at the Rheine site in Westphalia, it offers over 8,500 m2 of storage space for 68,400 pallets – all protected against fire by a WAGNER oxygen reduction system with VPSA technology.

At the time of commissioning, the fully automated deep-freeze warehouse was described as "Germany's largest refrigerator". By adding an extension to an existing warehouse, KLM was able to increase its total capacity to 90,000 storage spaces. The fire protection solution, based on oxygen reduction OxyReduct® from WAGNER, guarantees uninterrupted operation. The VdS-approved solution is also cost- and energy-efficient.

KLM, a subsidiary of the logistics service provider NewCold, has been offering full-service logistics for over 30 years. At the company's headquarters in Rheine, goods in the amount of 7,000 pallets are handled.

Active Fire Prevention for Ice Cream and Frozen Food

Risk Analysis

  • Technical defects
    Defects in refrigeration systems, overheating of conveyor motors or possible cable fires are a fire risk.
  • Dry atmosphere
    The humidity in a cold store is very low. This makes it very easy for a fire to spread.
  • Packages
    The fire load of packaging materials such as paper, cardboard and films is very high.
  • Construction
    A fire can spread quickly in the narrow and high shelves. Burning, falling parts are another danger.
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Protection Objectives

  • Operations
    Interruptions to the logistics chain and other business processes as a result of fire must be prevented.
  • Asset protection
    The stored frozen goods must be protected against smoke, soot and any possible consequential fire damage due to e.g. extinguishing measures.
  • Personnel protection
    KLM employees must be safe from fire at all times.
  • Environmental protection
    Fire-related generation of hazardous substances and contaminated extinguishing agents must be avoided.

Precautionary Fire Prevention

The nitrogen needed to reduce the oxygen level is directly obtained from the ambient air in a particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner using generators with VPSA technology. WAGNER has installed three VPSA systems at KLM, each with a supply volume of 240 cubic metres per hour; one of them serves as a fifty percent redundancy to meet the emergency concept requirements established in the building permit.

Customer Benefits

  • Efficiency
    The VPSA technology is energy-saving and thus climate-friendly.
  • Installation & Service
    WAGNER has a dense network of branches throughout Germany; the system itself is easy to maintain.
  • Safety
    The fire protection solution from WAGNER has VdS recognition and thus offers certified safety.

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Customer Testimonial

Georg Grewe, former Managing Director of KLM Logistik

Our products have to be protected against fire and our automated logistics processes maintained under all circumstances. OxyReduct® with VPSA technology has also impressed us in terms of energy efficiency.

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Your safety is our mission. As a provider of fire protection solutions, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible protection against fires and their consequences.  Therefore, we plan together with you the better solution in fire protection. We look forward to hearing from you.

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